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Swatch Bharat on Bangalore to Mumbai Road and my experience.

Bangalore to Mumbai and Mumbai to Bangalore. Stopped at Hubli over night while going and stopped at Kolhapur while getting back. Mode of transportation was my car (Last trip was exactly 4 years ago with same pit stops at the same places and same hotels)

  • Uninterrupted 4G network for the entire 950 KMs. 4 years ago, there would be no signal on the phone, when there is no signal itself, 2G internet was a dream. Worse, after crossing from Karnataka to Maharashtra and vice versa every 5 minutes I got a welcome message on my phone. This time it was different, one message and it was a done deal.
  • Roads are super smooth, but can’t help the bad drivers. (Pune walo gaadi Kaise chalate ho. Meri gaadi touch Kar di. Follow rules people, highway Kaise exit karte hai pata karo. Right indicator deke left NAHI marte ??)
  • Hotels where I stayed in Hubli and Kolhapur did not have AC and Non AC option, rather had TV and No TV rooms, all rooms did not have bathrooms except a few, the outlook and the view outside was a typical tier 3 city. Cut to, 2017 same hotel has executive class, standard, deluxe AC and Non AC rooms, free WiFi (which even kejriwal failed to provide) it feels like I never left Bangalore or Mumbai, the city is upbeat buzzing and modern.
  • Summer was still the same and I am upset and will blame PM Modi for it. Once Rahul Gandhi becomes the PM summer will be cooler and if Arvind Kejriwal becomes the PM free snow fall in summer. Can’t wait!!
  • Modes of payment were PayTM, Cards, Aadhar (most popular choice) and a little cash transactions here and there, but I was shocked to see the Panwala carrying a smart phone.
  • Electricity is pretty much available for 22 hours a day with 2 hours power cut everyday (saying this after speaking to the same panwala.)
  • Water shortage due to summer and drought and not due to government apathy.
  • I booked the hotels online 15 minutes away from the destination. That’s awesome.
  • Highway Toll accept digital payments. Though not all but most do.
  • Swatch Bharat works, litter is … Just gone.

Image Credit Sandeep Patel

These are daily things that matter to a middle class person, we don’t have assistants to plan our trips. We do it on the go. For us development matters and truly from the heart Proud to Be a Bhakt.
Liberals, secular and radicals, just shut the F up, you have no idea how much has changed in the past 3 years, your lame excuses of poor, illiterate and famers is just a cover to your hidden insecurity, envy and bloated ego.Top of Form

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