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Sentenced to death of Kulbhushan Jadav is a desperate attempt by Pakistan.

Kulbhushan Jadav: A son, A husband, A father, A businessman, A citizen, An ex Navy officer, A Tax Payer. Went to Iran for a business trip. Kidnapped and taken to Pakistan, tortured, threatened and tagged a spy. Given a death sentence with no fault of his and without a trial. He has not seen his family members or friends for a year, what should have been just a few months has been 12 months. Living in cell. No idea how his health is, what he eats or drinks.
Can you imagine the condition of the people he is directly connected to? As we go about living our lives oblivious of the fact. Yes, the world will go on, but to the concerned time is in coma.
As we go about our daily lives we tend to take things for granted on how secure our lives are, we are Free. We have taken so many things for granted for a fact just sitting on a sofa and chatting to friends is a luxury for him today.
My heart cries as much it did when we lost our jawans. He is Indian too. He may not carry a gun to protect us but he still is one among us. We came together to avenge the death of our jawans and we need to come together to save this man’s life. It is as expensive as any other.
It’s a question, if we cannot guarantee the security of an Indian citizen anywhere in the world, what are we doing as Indians? Remember one thing, Pakistan will not stop with one, today they kidnapped an Indian from Iran, tomorrow it may be someone else form any country. It can be you or me anybody. The day after they will walk into our city and pick someone up.
If we don’t pay it back on this first attempt of Pakistan they will continue to do it. It will become a trend.
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