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Self Study vs Coaching Classes

Self Study vs Coaching Classes is a big question while preparing for any examination, one of the most important doubts that the students generally face is to decide whether to opt for self-studies or join a coaching institute for better exam results. Self-study is an ideal choice for each and every aspirant because, without self-studies, it is quite difficult for students to score well in any examination. Successful self-study techniques will give students an incredible amount of self-confidence to deal with any kind of examination. While there is no doubt that self-studies hold the keys to make you successful in any examination, coaching institutes give you an extra edge that helps in channelizing your energy and efforts.
Further, the students have to realize that the coaching classes or self-studying are not the only deciding factor as far as success in the competitive exams is concerned. There are a lot of examples where the students have qualified their exams quite smoothly by just doing self-studies and also there are a lot of the students who have opted for coaching classes are still struggling. Therefore, the major determining factor of your success in any type of examination is your dedication and sincere efforts towards your preparation and nothing else.
Coaching Institutes:
Pros: Coaching Institutes have pre-structured learning modules designed by their specialists. The students just need to stay focused and follow the structure. Several complex concepts like chemical bonding, coordinate geometry, complex numbers, probability, etc, are challenging if prepared directly from books, hence, the coaching classes benefit the students by providing their own study materials that cover each and every topic included in your syllabus effectively. Coaching institutes will also keep their students updated regarding any changes in the syllabus and examination pattern.  Also, In coaching institutes, the students can easily interact with hundreds of students studying for the same examination. It benefits the students to understand the level of competition and helps them to analyze their preparation level.

Cons: Most of the faculties in coaching classes are professionally trained, to cover the entire portion quickly they generally teach at a very fast pace and if somehow the students are unable to cope up with the teaching style then it can lead to several difficulties related to their studies. For each and every student, the teaching approach of coaching classes is generally similar, hence, they don’t have sufficient time to concentrate on each and every student. Also, the coaching classes charge high amount of admission fees that might lead to the financial burden on your parents.

Pros: Most of the students are unable to cope up with the pace of coaching institutes and self-studies provide them with an option to design their study plan according to their capabilities. Self-study is extremely cost-effective, saves your valuable time that you might spend in traveling and removes your dependency on coaching classes. Self-study relieves you from additional stress that the students generally suffer in coaching classes. Most of the coaching classes make exam appear to be stressful and competitive that the students might develop a sense of giving up or running away from their preparations.
Cons: The students require a lot of planning and discipline while doing self-studies. Preparing concepts like gravitation, vectors, thermodynamics, etc. on your own might require a lot of time to understand, hence, it is a time-consuming process.  Coaching classes provide study materials along with the list of concepts important for the examination point of view and the students might not get access to such things while preparing on their own.

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