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Mughal colonial adoration among Indian Intellectuals

On Jul 14, 2015 Mr. Shashi Tharoor gave a brilliant speech on British colonialism at Oxford Union in 2015 which soon attracted 3.9 million worldview. With this critical attitude for British atrocities in India, Shashi Tharoor gained positive stature in his opponent eyes. Many BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) leaders, followers and Non Political Indians hails Mr. Tharoor for his blunt and intellectual attack on British Empire which is responsible for decay of economical, cultural and social digestion in India.
Mr. Shashi Tharoor in Oxford Union 2015
This small speech explains how British developed the railway system, civil system and another administrative system for their own purpose. They were not intended to help Indians by educating them but their sole purpose is maximum looting by providing the infrastructure within India. Railways were designed to routes which were profitable to them. The great opium empire is established in Mumbai for supply to china. Man Made famine has been created for Opium growth and the sole profit has been forwarded to British Empire. Mr. Tharoor, Indeed did a great Job by exposing the lies created by British historian about empire.
Purpose of Mr. Tharoor explanation was simple. No colonial rural came to India for educating Indians. None of them was interested to civilize Indians without cost. They created monuments, railways system, and administrative laws for their own purpose of gain and looting. Their whole motto was to digest India economically and industrial structure and glorify themselves as savior of a dead civilization by imposing their ideas. Surely, they win into their plots. Today we have British laws in our constitution. We have their method in our administration and an education which simply denies to tell about our past atrocities.
Mr. Tharoor has gone into the width and length of explaining how British was wrong to understand India or they had done everything wrong except few things which can be considered reforms. Mr. Tharoor sees British Empire on India as dark time of India and Indians where they have been executed for following their freedom, where they had been genocide for questioning the empire ideas and their taxes. According to intellectuals like Tharoor, British were wrong when they said, they civilized Indians after doing such looting and genocide.
Now I would like to turn this wheel towards Mughal Empire which lasted more than 250 years (From Babar to Aurangzeb). I was very optimistic that this debate will open the doors for Mughal colonial atrocities where Mughal Empire will be judged by their actions more than adoration of Indian intellectuals towards Mughals.
Here I was “Wrong”, Indian intellectuals disappointed me. They keep their mouth shut to even discuss the most barbaric Mughals like Aurangzeb, Babar, Tipu Sultan.
Their romance with Mughals did not end. Now I had a question on my mind. Why can’t we critics Mughal empire like we do British Empire? Criticizing the British Empire doesn’t mean we are insulting Christians of India, so similar criticizing the Mughals empire doesn’t mean we are insulting Muslims of India. But it seems all “Touch me Not” Zone will come to existence when it comes to Muslims and Mughals in India. There is mountainous evidence which explains that Mughal Empire is much more badly than British. They had done similar things in respect of administration and Building Mountains. They had looted India more than 500 years through traditional methods of war. Why Indian intellectual romance have not ended towards Mughals?
Mughals had ordered to break many famous temples. There is recorded history where Somnath has been looted by them for fourteen times. There is in scripted records of Genocide on Hindus and Sikhs. There are clear marks on Nalanda and Taxila University which were burned by Islamic invaders. There is mountainous evidence of forced conversion. There is fatwas, empire decree which explains the imposition of Jajiya on Non-muslim population. But ironically, the intellectual class is not interested to touch this topic because of fear from cattle class of Muslims. I wonder, how People like Tharoor selectively chose to talk on British (May be because they are secular now and will not bomb Tharoor for criticizing them) but avoid or even adore Mughal empire with intellectual clean chit.
Many communist intellectuals claim that Mughals came and give us chicken tikka and civilization. But this is the same claim made by British Empire. For now, we all know that it was simply a tactic to pacify the victim. I found bigotry indigestible when it’s come to Mughals. Mughals sympathizers explain the same logic which British Empire sympathizer do. Mughals didn’t come to elevate Hindus stature. They didn’t come to civilize Hindus. They simply came to loot. They met with resistance of locals. They failed to capture whole land till 1550. Even then, they failed to rule whole India because of resistance created by Sikhism and Martha’s. They created monuments like Red Fort, Taj Mahal and Qutub minar for glorifying themselves. They were not interested to build India. Their only problem was that they don’t have big ships like East India Company. They were unable to carry the loot with themselves. Hence they decided to convert India as Islamic nation like they did with Egypt to Iran.
The burning question of current time remain same: “Mughal colonial adoration among Indian Intellectuals”

“When Indian intellectuals can critics the British Empire, why they fail to critics the Mughal empire which done the same atrocities on native Hindus, Sikhs, Jain and Buddhist?” This question might have expose the romantic relation between communist intellectuals and Mughal Empire. On international level, Harvard intellectuals is trying to change that image by distorting history. For them Aurangzeb was noble king and Babar was sympathizer of Hindus irrespective of his decree to kill thousands of Hindus for not converting to Islam.

Well, I believe one day we will live in a time where we can critics all empires who were responsible for genocide (cultural or Human), Looting and imposing the ideas on native population.
DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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