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India : Next Superpower and Planned Battle Ground of Western Ideologies.

Civilization is basic foundation of any nation. A nation always attach itself from the share culture and History to the people of this land. Specially countries like India and United State of America We not only share history and culture but we celebrate the integration of various culture and ideas which comes into the nation throughout two thousand year history of human migration for spreading religion and culture. For Indians, India is land of 5000 years old civilization which survive the brutal caliphate, British colonialism, rule by invaders and their contribution to this nation in form of culture, food, religion and even atrocities. In current age, when India GDP is touching sky high, we all Indians are very optimistic about future of India as a superpower. This blog is part of series many blogs which I am going to wrote about India’s unsung problems. Problems which can shatter this chocolate dream of being super power, if it will not give their due attendance for resolve.

“India has its own enemy, catalyst [people, organization, intellectuals, NGOs, leftist, historian etc.] which wants to digest India natural identity into synthetic identity of British colony and invaders influence characterization”

India’s internal enemy doesn’t see India as a historical palace where old age civilization grows and flourish. They don’t see that place as center of any cultural and historical growth. They believe that every invasion happen for good in India. Invaders brought influence to ancient India and ultimately change it correctly. This enemy thinks, India should shed its natural identity for shake of utopia called Globalization. Let’s move to the point.
What India is today?
For my point of view, India has great opportunity in future to be superpower or at least a developed nation like China. For the sake of argument, let’s consider we are on the path of rapid development but Still I don’t thinks we will achieved the success like china did. Answer for this doubt is very simple: We still have external and internal threats which are hollowing in nation in mass scales. We are still is infected by theories of divide which run side by side without story of development. We will examine such external and Internal threats in brief:


Water Crises: India is going through deep water crises which are slowly gripping state by state many places. Indian water crises are one the biggest disaster, if it will not address soon by govt.,  environmentalist and philanthropist of India. Indian water crises which is one the internal threat which can cripple India very badly. Example of water crises has been seen during last year 2016, when Karnataka state told to release water to TamilNadu state for farming purpose. This war of water turned out to be one of the most dangerous civil riots in recent years. Another example was Lathur water crises, when a state even unable to manage water for drinking.
Western Intervention in social structure: India is known for their social structure, a social structure which is regulate and evolved in long history of experience and culture merging. Recently, social intervention like demand for menstruation days leave for ladies (which is been oppose in many developed nation), demand for having extra marital affairs in name of women empowerment, pushing for nuclear family from joint family in name of modernization, pushing for agenda for being single mothers. There are many western interventions which is not need of hours but being pushed by western intervention. One of the dangerous agenda is “cultural transformation from Pakistan” Which is being pushed by secular and liberal forces while the cultural transformation of south-north is being avoided deliberately.
Gap between Poor and Rich: India is prospered today in many sense, it has grown in size. But still Indian economic growth failed to reach many poor’s (27% of population). Indian growth being stuck with a small percentage of people. One side India has outgrown the technical, medical and IT sector but still millions are not able to get even basic education. Indian success stories are failed without 27% of population which is sleep hungry and laid without home. This social economical gap can lead to any unrest, which cause damage to India.
Separatism: Separatism is one the grave issue which is being avoided by previous government of India. Might be used by them to have vote bank power in state. Separatist, who had been constantly using religion as tools to insight the violence against Hindus in Kashmir and other part of nation. Other side china funded Maoist with intellectual sympathy of communist are being outraged in north-east and red belt from Odisha to Andhra Pradesh. Irrespective of many claims that human rights are being violated in such area, but the reality of ground is showing the clear intervention of separatism by nexus of leftist-Islamist-communist-western forces involvement in violence. Dravidian and Dalits movement is also another area where should every Indian look back. In recent years these fault lines of India being used for an powerful movement for breaking India.
Terrorist infiltrator: India itself is surrounded many failed state which is producing more people who have been infiltrating and transporting terrorism to Indian state. These failed state creating the narrative of ethnic victimization amongst the people which could lead to an great intrusion war within nation. India is spending their valuable resources to stopping such intrusion. Many Indian soldiers, dying because of this intrusion.
Indian habits to forget things very fast: 9/11 was a great shock to the nation like United State of America. After that US increased their security and almost create an America where intrusion is impossible. While Indian tendency to forgetting things and being easy to going has weekend India very much. Just after 166 people died in Mumbai attack, Indian has done nothing except creating movies of mythical revenge. Indian govt and people tendency to forget major terrorist attack is simply making them venerable. India has no concept of sealing the borders for infiltration.


Western think tank: India is number second country which owns think tanks in these words. but Ironically India’s think tank is ineffective as compare to United State think tanks which are more refined, specific and powerful in Mainstream Media and Intellectual arena. On the other hand, intellectual think tank of west (include United State and Europe) had done dangerous jobs to create the narrative which can be dangerous to National and Native identity of India. The Idea of St. Thomas Myth, Aryan Invasion theory, Creation of Dream Land Kadam Kamari, Anti Brahmin movement influenced by periyaar group is few sharp example of narrative created by western Ideologist to divide India into Dravidian fault line. irrespective of mountain full evidence in sastras, sangam texts, ancient Puranas which clearly indicate a shared culture of religion between people of south and north, these divide been stretched by think tanks in garb of Dalit reformation.
Creation of dalit christen identity is perfect example of manufacturing ethnicity by western think tank and Sri Lankan civil riots was perfect example of use of this racial divide for civil war. another example in recent years has been seen in Rwandan riots where Hutu, Tutsi and Twa fight against each other when colonial indologist success to create the divide by accusing one as victim and another as oppressor.
Human rights Industries: India is filled with NGOs (almost 35000 NGOs who has direct money from westerners in name of social reforms) and this growth of NGOs increase in last 20-30 years. NGOs like ford foundation, amenity international, Rockefeller foundation, luks foundation, few trust, temple foundation etc. are being used as tools between American industrialist and Indian intellectuals for American shell company growths. these NGOs create the narratives which is help indirectly to these companies for marketing and growth in India. political opponent being targeted by such NGOs so government can be in line with the narrative of such companies. this nexus of Mainstream media- NGOs-Indian intellectuals and American industrialist control the narrative of society and politics in India. they used narrative for creating pro American govt and keep divide Indians so they can’t ask for national interest.
Missionaries groups: Project Like Joshua and Gospel of Asia is targeted project which is being used against native Indian tribes. where they have been targeted for conversion by greedy way. these special projects being designed to target the domestic and rural areas within India where they can find tribes which has no link with main stream Hinduism. these group deliberately, chose areas where its easy to spread missionaries works. sometime Maoist provide them security because of nexus of church and Maoist.
India has great potential which is lies within their people and culture they share from thousand years. after each attack, Indian strength to relive and straight back to normal is part of culture which is flexible and power of adjustment. Indian attitude towards problem superficially seems complex but its shows the great power of handle diversity. Indians strength towards diversity is merged with mutual respect rather than tolerance.
For future growth, India must need to look forward for such issues (mention above) are being solved as soon as possible.

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