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Ex Minister Bimal Sinha of Tripura should be called a Martyred or Death

Today Bimal Sinha of Tripura ex Health Minister, was assassinated at Avenge on Dhalai in 1998.
His brother Bikram Sinha was taken into custody by insurgents groups of Tripura. That it was a ploy of political intrigue was perhaps within his knowledge. He was confident of recovering from insurgent custody.
But he was under tremendous pressure for recovering Bikram from insurgent custody.
The well designed intrigue net perturbed his personal life and he might be desperate to recover Bikram at any cost.
He might have been constant pressure that he made success in recovering party colleague Ranjit Ghose from insurgent custody a few days ago and why he failed in case of Bikram Singha? As step one? Not from same blood? Adopted so?
So Bimal might have been desperate to recover Bikram from Insurgents custody.
Once the intrigue was a bit in progress the conspirators might have planned that if Raket(Bimal’s) younger brother was alive the game plan would have been foiled . So as Bimal Singha as per advise of the intrigue cum middlemen arrive in Avenge on Dhalai river Roket was also called by intrigue group to join Bimal Singha with some more amount of ransom intrusion says.
And Bimal and Roket committed blunder by not allowing security men to accompany their mission of recovering Bikram Singha at Avengaghat.
The insurgents opened firing on them from a short range and killed Bimal Singha and Roket Singha in day-light.
The purpose of kidnapping Bikram was a grand success. Bimal  Singha was thus assassinated in cold blood with a political design .
What had happened that Sudhir Das MLA from Surma valley constituency was sweared in as Minister, Tripura on April 18, 1998? Why so hurry when the last rites of Bimal Singha was not completed by then, Was that paying homage to dear leader?
To asses Bimal Singha he was a good writer in Bengali, Bishnupriya Manipuri and fluent in Kokborak. His Longtarai was translated into a documentary cinema by his personal interest. In his Novel from Karachi to Longtarai he has depicted the simple life of the tribal who have been cheated by outsiders. Can anybody believe those tribals had killed their believed leader?
Ever since Manipur Linguistic Bill 1968 passed in Manipur Assembly making the Meithei is synonyms to Manipuri the status of Bishnpriyas had been put in great question. He was a forefront soldier for restoration of the ethnic right of the Bishnupriya speakers as Manipuri’s. Because by dint of the bill who speaks Meithei is a Manipuri. So a Naganor Kuki who can speak Meithei is a Manipuri but Bishnupriyas who kept their language in tact are forced to speak in Meithei in Manipur if they claim as a Manipuri.
During Mahamel in Patherkandi he emerged as most influential political figure of north east
.For his personal initiative Bishnupriya Manipuri language has been recognized in Tripura during Dasarath Deb Government in 1995.
Now that we are without Bimal the appointment of language teacher is hanging in balance from 1998.
A thorough CBI enquiry could divulge the culprits responsible for assassination of Bimal Sinha on 31st March, 1998.
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