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Effective Ways To Study Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject which needs more concentration and lots of practice. This subject is all about logic and applications of formulas to find the accurate solution for the given problems. There are many students who dislike studying maths, but it cannot be neglected as almost every profession uses maths on their daily basis.
Maths is no more rocket science if students are clear and thorough on all the topics. Most of the students fail to learn the concepts and many students feel nervous during their math exams. The reasons beyond this may be the lack of preparations, inadequate time, and do not know the exact preparation strategies. Here are some techniques which students can follow and study effectively for their exams.
1. Be regular to the class, pay attention to the instructor, focus towards the teacher’s explanations and practice the problems on a regular basis.
2. Before beginning with your preparations, check for the present curriculum, study materials and prepare an effective study plan.
3. Never ever memorize the formulas. Instead of memorizing, try to understand how to apply the formulas and practice more by writing on a sheet of paper.
4. Math is a subject where foundations are important. Therefore, be thorough with all basics to solidify the tougher concepts. For example: even and odd number, whole numbers, prime numbers, number systems, factors, etc.
5. Select a good study atmosphere which is free from all disturbance and has a good ventilation.
6. Practice more questions from the model papers, previous year question papers, and other sample papers, as students can gain an idea about the current question paper pattern and also about the marking scheme.
7. Make a note of all important points and other shortcut tricks used for solving the problems.
8. The best way of studying math is through group study. Here students can share their ideas and also learn different ideas of solving by studying individually.
9. Never hide or hesitate to clear your doubts. Meet experts, or the subject teacher and clarify all your doubts before the exams.
10. Try to complete the syllabus a week before the exams. Do not keep the topics pending until the day of the exam as it may increase your stress and drop your confidence level.
11. Stay far from all sorts of distractions while preparing for the exams. Switch off the mobile phones, log out from the facebook and other social websites.
12. Always start the preparations with an easy topic to build your concentration towards the studies.
13. Solve more example problems from your textbooks to understand the concept in detail.
14. Refer more NCERT solutions to learn all the concepts easy. These books include solutions for all the textbook questions and are explained clear and in a lucid manner.
15. Never stick to a single book. Try to refer to as many books as you can. By doing these, students can gain extra information about the concepts, different tricks, and shortcuts used for solving problems.
16. Visit online learning websites or watch YouTube videos which are available for different math topics. These help in easily remembering the formulae, different methods used for solving the problems, etc.
17. Along with the preparation, do not forget to take care of your health. Include a well balanced diet which keeps you healthy and fit.
18. Avoid having junk foods during your preparations and exams. Include more protein-rich food as it keeps you active.
19. To keep your brain healthy and active have a good sleep for 7 to 8 hours, and do some regular exercise along with the meditation.
20. Never stress yourself. Take a regular break, go for a walk or listen to the music and refresh your brain.
These were a few effective ways to study math. As a maths subject is full of formulas and theorems, try to learn formulas in the simplest and easiest way. To avoid confusions, make a list of all the formulas, learn their derivation and practice more problems by applying the same formula. This technique can be used while solving difficult problems, including trigonometry, menstruation, probability, quadratic equation, linear equations, etc.
For more effective tips to study math, students can visit BYJU’S website and subscribe to YouTube channels and watch interactive videos on various math-related topics which is a good source of modern way of education of Math.

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