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The brutal killing of Mr Bimal Sinha ex Minister,Tripura on 31.03.1998 and its affects

The brutal killing of Mr Bimal Sinha ex Minister,Tripura on 31.03.1998 and its affects
When Shri Ranjit Ghose CPI(M) Sub divisional Secretary ,Kamalpur was kidnapped from Manikbhander CPI(M) party office a few months ago before murder of Bimal Sinha it was a theory that- the plot might have been within the knowledge of Bimal Sinha . He was grilled by his party men like that.
He undertook tremendous groundwork to release Shri Ranjit Ghose from insurgent hideout. He was successful. That might have been the beginning of planning of murdering Shri Bimal Sinha .
When his brother Shri Bikram Sinha- a contractor, was kidnapped from the worksite in the hill areas of Kamalpur a few months before elections 1998, Mr.Bimal Sinha knew well the plot for his killing through the well calculated plan of his opponents in the race of power politics.
It goes without saying that, his charismatic personality was matchless in contemporary politicians both for his head and heart. By assassinating Bimal Singha we lost a great leader from our land .A great loss to general mass specially the Manipuris, the Muslims, the tribals and the Bengalis and downtrodden people of the land.

  1. The expansion of Manipuri language have come to standstill, and the Manipuri’s progress has been stalled.
  2. The tribal lost their great hero the architect of Longtarai a tribal film designed by him.
  3. The readers lost their good and prolific writer .His writings are;-
  • (I)”Karachi theke Longtarai”.
  • (II) Takchaparar Iti Katha.
  • (iii) Ingelleir meyer biye.
  • (IV) Alor thikana .

Naturally there would have been jealousy from his charismatic figure to his opponent in Power game in state politics.
Now that her fear from her husband’s killers were no longer an issue ,Smt Bijoylaxmi Sinha M.L.A. Tripura Assembly should come out openly from her self-imposed captivity of “speak not “- theory and should be demanding a CBI enquiry into the assassination of Mr Bimal Singha ex Health Minister, Tripura and her husband so as to surface the main mastermind of the killer .
Her mute stay in CPI (M) politics will not serve any purpose as far as the Manipuri sentiment following the brutal murder of her husband Bimal Singha and her role is undoubtedly a burning issue in elections-2018
By now whole world knows the mastermind killer of Bimal Singha by courtesy Dr Sambit Patra BJP spokesperson who exposed it recently in Town Hall, Agartala.
Given it granted, she would not people are going to project it a burning issue as Dr Sambit Patra lit the fire very recently .

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