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Will West ever be taught lessons from Brussels Attack?

It again proves that Europe has not yet learnt its lessons from previous ugly experiences and it may take a long time, may be a decade or century to learn or perhaps it may take bigger threat to get the real fact. Yes, I am talking about the way Europe is handling Migrant problem and the inability of West in handling this problems with iron hand has led Brussels to face such incident and I apprehend that more are yet to come in the form of organised attacks and bomb explosion.

Let me make my view as clear as possible. The way Europe is dealing with Syrian and Iraqi migrants; it may pose grave danger for them in future. West has its own patterns of thought when it comes to Human rights. It is appreciable that in West, people’s freedom to lives is given value. But when it comes to national security, anything can be compromised even freedom. This simple fact West is not getting. The West has made its fatal mistake in providing these Syrian and Iraqi refugees with shelters as from the recent happening it is being evident that the refugees are not giving proper return against such generosity. Moreover, in a recent report it has been stated that ISIS has sent 400 trained militants under the disguise of refugees to different parts of Europe and despite being aware of these facts, the Europe is still allowing these migrants to live in their country. If you take the examples of Eastern part of Europe with special reference to Russian Federation, the migrants were not allowed to set their feet on their soils. Hungary has openly declared that it’s not going to allow a single migrant in their country. In one of the cities of Russia, some Arab migrants were being beaten up by local people for misbehaving with women. If Russia can do that, why does the West not do the same thing? May be for the sake of human rights defined by so-called international community, West is hesitating to take drastic steps against migrants for violating law of the lands. But concept of human rights does not carry any value for savages and that’s for sure. Moreover, I do not find any justification in providing these migrants with refuge when countries like UAE, Kuwait, etc who share the same belief as these migrants do, have refused to take anyone of them. Too much liberal attitude is killing Europe. Take example for Germany. The only country which has taken millions and millions of refugees in its territory as a result of which German women are being assaulted in a regular manner. A new concept of sexual assault has been installed— taharush or rape game which is rampant in Arab countries. Who is responsible for this? Christian Democrats led by Merkel. As a result, way has been paved for Social democrats for coming into power.

It’s high time that Europe gets its lesson and deal with these migrants with iron hand. Even I think that concept of Human Rights should be re-defined. Those who kill people in the name of religion, I wonder on what context should they be provided with facilities of Human rights. So, it’s high time UN and International Human Rights body should re-define the concept of Human rights. I think Human rights are for human, not for those who kill innocent people in the name of religious fundamentalism. The most important task which the Western countries should be entitled to is giving police and military a free authority in encountering the criminals and deporting the refugees back to their own countries. Also, all of European countries should install e-verification number for tracking these refugees so that they cannot get away easily after committing crime. All of Sharia courts should be banned in Europe as they are indulging backward practices which are not in line with the mainstream of European culture. A separate government’s body should be created so that the fundamentalist activities can be controlled.

Look at the US, after 9/11 all sleeper cells were being eliminated in such a way that they have never ever dare to raise their heads after that. This example should be followed. Russia’s example should be followed when it comes to dealing with migrant crisis. I know Europe does not have experiences in dealing with such matters. But it’s high time for Europe to learn, else the day is not far when all of Europe will become war zone between and way for world war 3 will be paved. It’s time to give them message—-“Do in West what the Westerners do”

Soham Roy
Editorial Board Member of Cross Functional Business Journal and Academic Project Consultant and Trainer
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