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Why Indian Army And Government Of India Should Never Release The Videos of Surgical Strikes

After the Uri incident where 18 Jawans were martyred, Indian government took a sharp historical step to punish the non-state terrorists who were breeding in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). On 29th September, at night, Indian army conducted a surgical strike on the 7 launch pads of terrorists nearby, where terrorists were preparing to infiltrate into Indian land though the LOC. In recent past, India successfully launched the IRNSS satellite system to fulfil the civil and defense needs and it is clear that the Indian army used this satellite image and its support to conduct such a highly secret operation. A perfect coordination between the secret service, satellite scientists and army along with the political willpower was required to conduct such an operation, there is no doubt.
Indian army announced its successful surgical attack on the terrorist launch pad deep inside the POK beyond the LOC line.
Surgical attack put Pakistani authorities in dilemma. Different Pakistani authorities gave different statements and there were several press conferences the entire day. From the beginning Pakistani authorities tried to mention that there was no surgical strikes on POK as there was no evidence of it. Behind that statement it is understandable as to why Pakistani Authorities are in denial mood on such incident.
If they accept that the surgical strike occurred in POK which was forcefully occupied by Pakistan then it will expose the inability to track the Indian army’s movement by Pakistan Army.
Acceptance of the Indian armies claim will prove that POK land is used to breed and support terrorist camps under the shadow of Pakistan army, which will go against the 2003/2004 agreement between Indian and Pakistan that Pakistan will not allow its land to any non-state actors to produce terrorists to infiltrate in India.
Acceptance will expose the inability to defend and secure their land by the Pakistani government and also the inability of the Pakistani army to remove terrorist camps from their controlled land.
In recent past Pakistan used to claim that they are the biggest sufferers of the terrorism and their worst nightmare was during Peshawar attack where more than 100 school going children were killed in a single day. But their government authorities hardly learned any lesson from that incident.
From 1948 to 2016 Pakistan engaged in war several times with India but it is their misfortune that they lost every war and engagement with Indian army. Due to their inability to face Indian army in any direct conflict Pakistan introduced the state sponsored terrorist policy to infiltrate terrorists in Indian territory and create distrust about the Indian establishment in all possible way. Indian government tried to expose that the Pakistan authorities involved with terrorists in Indian Territory but that ended only in complaints and simple arguments until the recent surgical strike in POK by Indian army. This Surgical strike showed the shift of India’s Pakistan policy from a soft country to a bold country which did not mind striking back if any one put a question on its internal security.
As in several past events Pakistan proved that it will never help India or never accept the proof provided by India claiming the involvement of Pakistani non state actors who are involved in terrorist activities in Indian territories. Whether it is in case of Dawood Ibrahim, or 2008 Mumbai incident and the involvement of Hafeez Sayeed and his likeminded friends.
In recent times, India tried to take a different approach by inviting Pakistani investigation team to do the investigation on Pathankot attack incident. Though that was a dramatic political approach and could be a master stroke in diplomacy by the present government but even that approach failed due to the non-accepting approach of the Pakistani authorities.
Their approach in all those past event shows that they will be always in denial mood, even when the proof is in black and white. And that clearly says that showing or providing proof to Pakistani authorities will not give any result but that will be wastage of time and effort.
Surprisingly in last few days some of the Indian politicians dramatically questioned the Indian army to show the proof of their surgical attack. While asking such questions they don’t realize that they are actually raising doubt on the Indian army and on their ability. And they also forget that such video documents are always secret and used for the training purpose for the army rather than exposing and showing off their ability and tactics in front of the public and the enemy country. This will actually expose the techniques which are used while doing such surgical attacks and by asking the Indian army to show the documentary video they are indirectly helping the terrorist and enemy state to know the tactics which were used by the Indian army to conduct such strikes. Such demands shows that people do politics without any logic and never mind compromising the national security for their political interest.
Army should never allow to show such video in public and media as proof of their ability because every Indian citizen knows their ability and will never question them. Also the Government of Indian and the Home ministry should never release those videos as proof of the surgical attack. The surgical strike was successful because the Indian army used the basic strategy of fighting by surprising the terrorists and their helpers. The surgical strike was a fool proof and secret, tactically well planned and a surprise move to the enemy. That’s why it was successful and if Army discloses their tactics to all and the enemy under the pressure of few immature politicians they will jeopardize their own future success if they required to take any such action in future.
Because the result will be same. Pakistani authorities will never accept and politicians who raised the question on the ability of Indian army will never understand the vulnerability of releasing such a video. They will keep raising questions without thinking that their immature act and questions are baseless and beyond national interest.
Politicians should refrain themselves from questioning the Indian army and they should know that their politics is not above the national interest. If they are doing politics in a free land then they should not forget that that’s due to the nonstop guarding of the border by the brave Indian Army who are securing the Indian border in all sorts of adverse weather conditions, staying away from their loved one and family members. Their sacrifices can’t not be compared with those politicians who enjoy power but have no basic knowledge of strategy and national security.

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