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We don’t learn to eat when we are hungry.

Whenever I am alone and apply my earphones on my ears and play music I reached in the world of fantasy.  Sometimes I enjoy the music and sometimes I understand the lyrics when I am sad. I love it when I hear lyrics that totally apply to my current situation. My world becomes different from my reality. Or I can say that I change the reality in my fantasy world. You must be thinking that I am not a realistic person. I live in a world of fantasy and keep reality away from me. This music, dreams, fantasy and all are all things which escape me from the sufferings of reality. But it’s not true. Honestly speaking I am down to earth. I believe in reality and lives in reality. But do you think person who are down to earth never dream? A person who belongs in the category of so called “down to earth” never aimed anything in their life? And most important; does realistic people never failed in their life? They do. And I know you are also somehow like me. But the only difference is that some people never either able to express or try to express their feelings to other. Everyone is not expert in expressing their feelings in the manner other people expect. Some people either say true or remain silent. I am one of that. I am a simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile.

I am not a professional writer. Rather I don’t know how to express but today I m trying my best to express my feelings because today I want to show that though I am down to earth but sometimes I love to feel that things which makes me happy at least for a while. Everyone face ups and downs in their life that doesn’t means they don’t have right to smile and be happy in their downfall moment. What stops you to be happy during your down moment, your feelings, emotion, and heart and mind everything become against your happiness. I know there are some situation which is totally out of control; even if you want you will not able to smile. I am not even telling you to smile in that time. Let the tears comes out from your eyes, sometimes it is necessary , let the words comes out from your mouth allow your heart to speak ; allow yourself to be you the real one instead of faking again. Faking here doesn’t mean that you are unreal person all the time, we all in some context and situation have to become what we are not and I m not saying it’s wrong. Sometimes it is necessary to deal with the people and survive in the hypocritical society. So for this we all have to fake our personality. But in some situation it is also necessary to show what you are. Especially in you’re down moment.  But how far it is possible, that depends on you. How strong you are in dominating your week feelings? Or How strong you are in expressing your strong feelings.

Music doesn’t escape me from reality but sometimes inspires me to be happy while facing the reality. Similarly, I know you also have something which inspires you to do so. Then why you are hiding it, express it. You may be good in expressing or expert in winning anyone’s heart but I m sure there is some week point in your feelings too. You want to know who am I?  I am kind of person who actually type a huge paragraph with true feelings and then erase it. I know sometimes you have also done this. Reason being sometimes we become so week to face the consequences. The worst battle you have to fight is between what you know and what you feel.  But today I will not erase my feelings. Today I just want to say ya reality is worse and fantasy is not real but let me live in my fantasy for a while. Because in that world I am a star and you are my hero. I m down to earth I know that’s illusion but that’s what I always dream of. To be loved and love you always. But my dream is not limited to love. It’s not limited to holding hands and walking. It’s all about lifetime enjoyment. It’s about you and me with Champaign glasses; only thinking about each other fulfilling all the ambition of our life. I know you also feel the same sometimes but you fear commitments. Do you really fear commitments?  I know what you scared of. You think that even if you are holding responsibility of commitment in very well manner then what if you get ditched by someone.

My fantasy world is full of optimism. It says even though you are facing highest troubles of your life but still you are the star. Still you can do what you want. Even though you are not talented but still you deserve that. In my fantasy world my hard work never gets wasted. I deserve the best. In fact sometimes I get more what I deserve. This sometimes happens in reality also. Some people think fantasy is something unreal from reality but actually it originates from the reality. Sometimes people wanted something to be happen in real and they try their best but failure leads to reach in their fantasy world.

Fantasy is the world of imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world. In fact it’s a place where all answers live. And sometimes imagination only leads to discover new things. There can’t be no passion without imagination. In my fantasy world I can show my passion in my own way though I m passionate in real but there I don’t have any kind of fear. I discover passion in different ways in my imagination and sometimes I apply it in reality and win the situation. People say how passionate you are about your work, things or anything. But actually it happens because of my fantasy world.  So I don’t think remaining in dream is wrong. Because my imagination, my dreams and my fantasy world helps me to win what I m not able to win being down to earth.  Ya always dreaming and not working as per according to it and sitting idle is wrong. Then it is actually escaping from reality. Lastly, I can only say unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. Don’t hide your feelings, the more you hide the more you fall for it. Express it in your own way. You don’t have need to expert on this as you don’t need to be expert in eating when you are hungry. You don’t learn to eat when you are hungry, you simply eat in your own way own style.  Similarly you don’t need to learn while expressing your feelings when you want to.

It’s the story of the modern societies realistic people who live in fantasy, whom people might judge wrongly.

Priyanka Sinha
Contract Administrator II & Sustainability Council member of Caterpillar Finance
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