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Never Be Alone- My experience being alone while trekking

This is not the horror story I am going to tell you, neither I am here to scare you. This is what I felt when I got trapped in a situation where I will never want to face again in my life.
It was a bright sunny day and we were walking straight up towards our goal. Crossing Green lush bushes, we all were enjoying our hike to GorakhGadh. We all were divided in a small number of troops constituting 4-5 in each. Though our organizer has told it as the Moderate trek but looking at the faces around me, anyone can guess it was the difficult one.
Once you reach near the cliff the path becomes narrow and only 1 person can either climb up or come down. Many groups had come from different parts on that particular day. So it took almost double the time than what we had estimated to climb up. Finally, we reached the top.
On the descent, the organizer asked us to wait for some more time. The plan was to let other group start descent first and then our group will start. He did not want to choke up the narrow patch. Well, it was a smart planning but we were already running late on our schedule.
“Guys, we should rush up..else it will get dark”- thought was tingling in my mind. Finally “hamara number aa gya” and we started our descent trek. Everyone wanted to make it a fast and visit base village as early as possible. Full on Energy and Enthusiasm we started walking. Walking a descent path is always looks easy but it is exactly the opposite thing.
We reach near the cliff. Now going down from this point was the helluva task. The cliff is standing 90 degrees straight. I must say this was the most daredevil point I have seen. I Looked down, there were no path, no step; seems like Gadh (hill) has vanished in the valley. One wrong step and you will start flying in the valley. Jokes apart one wrong move can take you to the heaven. The guy ahead of me had got completely scared and he did not want to go down. In this situation also I found it funny. Hiding my inner emotions I encouraged him to move on. The Later path was easier comparatively.
I decided to be stick with the same troop which I had while ascending. Everyone was in a rush to reach fast and that was showing up by their speed. People from our troop were walking down in super speed. It was getting hard to match up with them. Slowly they went ahead of me. I was walking with my pace and was trying to gain the speed so that I could catch them. At a certain point, I realized that I was walking alone. I stopped. Looked ahead, there were no one. I looked back, again there were no one. My speed got increased; I was walking at the speed as if I am running.
Slowly it was getting dark. Still, I was alone passing the bushes, crushing soil and small rocks under my feet. After passing some distance, still no sign of anyone, I stopped. I was scared. My mobile was showing “No Network”. I shouted my friend’s name from inside my stomach. No Response. I said myself “bit louder”. Each time I was louder than my previous attempt.
I looked up, the sky was dark. I looked on every side possible, It was dark everywhere. An eccentric jerk passed through my body, I felt freezing cold on that summery night. What if I am on a wrong way? What if I could not make to reach the village? What if no one able to find me? Thoughts were creating a ruckus in my head.
But it was not a time to think about all these things. I consoled my mind. I said to myself “Calm”. My brain was dead and my heart was working in full swing- almost double of its regular speed. My presence of mind was saying me to go back. I decided to listen to it and I started walking the same path backward. I knew people from our group are behind us.
Passing few meters, I again shouted loudly, as loud as possible. I heard a human voice. “Was it an echo? “ – I murmured. One more time and yes it was an actually some others voice, and was not mine. I saw 2 guys replying to me. “Phew”, was the feeling.
So never ever be alone when you are on the trek and or on any travel trip.

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