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My motion with emotion my belief with disbelief

It is cowardly to look on failures and unhappiness as a means of escape. It’s the only certainty, the sea into which the opposites of truth and falsity, good and bad, find their final solutions. We may remember those four lines of lessons.
Towards the peaks
Towards the stars
Towards the vast silence
The unconvincing career, social and political issues are to be forgotten but these lessons are to be imprinted permanently on our memory. Meanness, unfaithfulness, mutual mistrust, secret mechanization, plotting for leadership –sooner or later these drag all God -given gifts into the mud at the bottom. Now-a-days we are witnessing one monotonously false doctrine that nationalists all over the world, are bellowing forth suddenly, ‘ The life of the country can be saved by killing its soul ‘. We are to protect our country by shoeing our active leadership, as a part of united force, not as a part of common man. Our life is just like an ocean where all successes, failures, challenges, odds and evens are there. We are almost leading fast life and trying to grab all comforts as soon as possible, perhaps sometimes without consideration of the soil which is our base. Can we enjoy the sea forever without seeing the beauties which are lying under the sea? So it is all airy beautiful but evanescent like dew’s on the grass.
Perhaps our life has some expectations from us too. She says
Blow gently over my garden
Wind of the sea
My love connects to you all
Just drive into me
After taking a deep breath
I am always with you

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