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Karma- A Short Story

A handsome guy was patiently waiting at Cafe Coffee Day. Must be waiting for someone to come. Suddenly, a suppressed smile on his face appeared, as if he was trying to be diplomatic instead of being full of happiness. He shook his hands with a middle aged lady. The lady, hugged him tightly and said, “Oh My Son! It’s great to see you after such a long time. Forgive me for what I had done. It was quite embarrassing moment at that time. But I had to do this as I had no other choice. I do want you to understand in what situation I had to take such a drastic step unwillingly.”
“Yeah. Padre had told me each and everything. Tell me. Why have you done that with me? And why have you come back after such a long time?
Tears came out of her eyes. She took a chair and sat on it. “It was a long time ago.” She started telling her story. “I fell in love with your father. My father was against that marriage. So, we started to keep distance from each other for the purpose of focusing on our career. After the end of the college life, we got placement and appointed as service manager of SBI bank. And your father was appointed as duty manager of Taj Bengal. After a long time separation, we have decided to approach our parents. But our parents were still against our marriage. We decided to take some time so that we can manage our parents. But we are quite unaware of what was coming in our life. In a late night party, we had engaged ourselves in sexual activity and after some month, I became pregnant. When I realised that, I was kind of bewildered. I did not know what to do. At that time, your dad supported me a lot and he told me that he was ready to stand behind me if need be. And he did so. He was ready to tell all the stuffs to his parents. But I stopped him from doing so… for the fear of being out of the sight and out of the mind of my parents. So, we had made a mutual decision and we decided to give you to a padre of missionary. I made him a promise that he would take care of you to which he agreed. After that I got engaged with my personal and professional life and got no time to take news of yours. In between, I gave birth to two children. Both of them are established. After, 20 years, I thought of going to the missionary and came to learn that Padre had passed away. We started collecting information about you and came to learn that you are currently residing in Russia. So, anyhow we managed to get your contacts number. Daniel, I do not expect you to forgive me. I do not have to right to ask for apology from you after what I have done with you. I am not worth it. But I expect you to understand my situation and be empathetic.”
“I do not know why you have come to me after such a long time. Thanks for giving me birth. But I do not think I will be able to stay with you being your son. My parent is my Padre. And he is the all I got. I do not need you as I think I am sufficient enough to take care of myself. Please go back to where you come from and do not contact me. Never ever. Despite being biological parents of mine, you have not performed any duty towards me. How can you call yourself my mother? Thanks for contacting with me. But if you really want to do any favor, please do not contact me.”
After saying that to her, he stood up and left the place. Tear came out of mother’s eyes, but it was left unnoticed by her son.

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