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10 days that changed me

When I entered into Wipro, I had almost no idea of what a corporate culture is and what to do for making some difference in formulating my career planning. I got my first call from Millennium Business Solution. I had come to learn they were hiring for voice process and all I had to do is to attend the interview. As usual, I got to the location where I was supposed to go. The girl which took my first round of interview, her name was Ankita. I had had little chat with her and all of a sudden, she discovered smartness in me and hearing this feedback I got pleased. Before the second round of Interview began, I was made sit for 1 and half hours. It was evident that my patience was tested.

After that, I had appeared for another round personal interview where I was asked questions regarding my academic background, my hobbies. My English speaking skill was also tested in which I got excellent feedback. But the only problem I faced during interview….I used to use a lot of fillers while having conversation. That was pointed out by interviewers, but at that time, despite having my sincere efforts, I was kind of unable to get rid of it. Anyway at the end of the interview process, I had finally been selected for despite having so many faults in my speaking skill for the 10 days training program conducted in Wipro, but I was not given offer letter on the spot because I was not selected in the SWAR round where my listening and voice were tested. I was initially demotivated, but a determination was infused in me that I had to do something in that training program.

After two days of that period, I came into the premises of Wipro with so many thoughts and hopes in my mind. But still my mind was full of uncertainties. On the first day, I was introduced with so many friends there and our training Mr. Debasish Dutta. In one word, he was awesome man. During the first day our training, the first question was hurled at me “Introduce Yourself”. As usual I had done my level best in introducing myself. After my introduction was over, the feedback I was given “Good. But you use so much MANE(Fillers I used to utter) while speaking. Have you ever given serious thought to it?” I was kind of having no idea of what to reply. The candidates at the conference room were laughing at me and I had no other ways but to keep myself in pin-drop silent and tolerant mode. Anyway, as the times were passing by, I was learning a lot of things such as usage of English in US and UK accent, pronouncing English properly, keeping the level of communication in simple mode so that whatever you say, can be understood by others and some other corporate etiquette’s etc. Emphasis was put on my listening skills too, but my rate of performance was poor in that field as I was kind of feeling that uncomfortable in grasping US accent. Though I was mocked by most of my friends in conference room for uttering fillers and fumbling, I was still dedicated to accomplishing my objective- getting myself placed in a big company like Wipro. With sincere efforts from my end, I have been able to reduce the numbers of fillers and slowly I had made improvement. But due to all of my efforts which I had put, I failed in the SWAR round (this time conducted by WIPRO itself) again due to my inability of catching the US accent during. Being unable to qualify for the Operations round, I was kind of depressed. But one of the employees in Wipro, who had been watching my performance during 10 days training program, came to me and told me, ”Hey man! Do not be depressed. You have shown your dedication which most of the candidates have not. Your communication is good and during that training, it has been much improved. I am sure you will do something great in life. Have faith in yourself and make sure it will never be lost.” I replied, “Ok Sir, Thanks for encouraging me. I will remember your words.”

Though I was not selected that day, but that failure had taught me to be confident and I was transformed into a different kind of personality. In the words of my teacher S.N.R. Sir, “That 10 days training program in Wipro has brought about radical changes in you. You were not fit for the job of voice process. But it was necessary for you. And I am telling you that this training will help you a lot in future and you will realise its long term impact in future.” I am still struggling to make that prediction come true and I will not stop until I become successful in doing so.

Soham Roy
Editorial Board Member of Cross Functional Business Journal and Academic Project Consultant and Trainer
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