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Why banning Pak actors is a great idea.

Not many Indians have seen the Pakistani serial “Dastaan” in which Fawad Khan has degraded Hindus & Sikhs to an unimaginable level.
I understand, he was just acting but how many Indian actors would like to act in a show where all the Muslims are regarded as terrorists.Also watch “Akbari Asghari” of Imran Abbas (the new darling of our K Jos & Bhatts) in which he refers to Hindus as kafirs & munafiqs.
Now liberals will abuse me for criticising their reel roles. But does it not expose these Paki imports’ bigotry and hatred towards us?They always have an option of rejecting such homophobic roles where they degrade people of a certain religion just to please jihadists.
Fawad Khan in Dastaan plays a guy who is out there to tell the world that what kind of backstabbers and rapists are all Hindus and Sikhs.
Fawad Khan plays a bechara from Muslim league whose lover is left behind during the partition & Sikhs do all sorts of bad things to her.
It will amuse you that nowhere in this Fawad Khan show, Muslims have been shown doing anything wrong. It’s full of caliphate wet dreams.
They all love doing serials where Hindus are abused cause they know they have nothing to lose and will still be entertained in India.
Narrating one’s country’s perspective, even if biased, is OK but degrading minorities of ur country only reflects ur religious bigotry.
Don’t believe me? Ask any Paki import if they oppose Jinnah’s two nation theory or denounce jihadi terrorism and see their reactions.
Don’t trust me? Watch these works of bigotry yourself it’s on YouTube.
Finally I will be more than happy if Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena stop telecast of ADHM in Maharashtra and some other org does same in other part of nation
Directly or indirectly if one is helping Pakistani citizen for their financial benefits must remember that those things will come back as terrorism and ultimately the bullet fired on our army personal will be indirectly funded by you
Reference : Wikipedia Dastaan
YouTube Links : Dastaan

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