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Mahenjo Daro – A story of misleading history by Ashutosh Gowarikar?

I am confused, I don’t know whether I should write this review or not. I feel that it will be a waste of time if I write a single word for such a waste movie!! Yes, a complete waste, Ashutosh Gowarikar made it again. Film viewers are still waiting that someday Gowarikar will come with a Diamond from his coal mine, but he has disappointed us once again. Again there was distortion of history, again there was an attempt to fool us.
Let’s consider few points.
First and foremost, it was claimed in the disclaimer that we don’t know the exact language of the people of Mohenjo Daro. Agreed, I guess same was the case with Hollywood movie 10000 BC, but they chose to use English as the main language of movie. In Mohenjo Daro you will find Hindi, Urdu and even “Hyderabadi Hindi”, I think this was an attempt by Mr. Gowarikar to maintain the secular fabric of India. When Sarman(Hrithik) Thanked a man in Market he said, “shukr hai”. Can anyone explain who taught Urdu to Sarman??
After watching Mohenjodaro one gets to know that people here didn’t know about Horses(a scene where Hrithik asks about an animal) Naval Technology(when someone told that the foreigners have come on Ships, and our Sarman got surprised, so were the People of Mohenjo Daro)
People of Mohenjo Daro used weapons made of stones and imported or rather smuggled metal weapons from Sumerians!!! But then in the climax you get to see the infamous metallic statue of a dancer drowning in the river. So here people could make metal statues but not weapons!!
I am (not) impressed.
Did Movie had any plus point??
Yes only it’s Music.
The only thing I liked in the movie was its music, mind you only music not the songs
While watching this movie one will remember Gladiator, Exodus and few more period movies of Hollywood.
Those costumes were similar to the costumes in Hollywood period movies, those aerial views of Mohenjo Daro City made me remember few more Hollywood classics.
I didn’t find anything original in the movie.
You will also get to know that Mohenjo Daro People were having really good dancing skills, those “Break Dance” moves by Sarman and Company in title track were eye catching.
Yes they could do the Break Dance, God knows who taught them, perhaps they “smuggled” that too from Amazon.
When you don’t find anything impressive in whole of the movie, what do you expect from the climax???
Ashutosh during his school days not only missed the history classes but he also missed the geography classes
Suddenly in the climax The Indus which still flows into Arabian Sea suddenly became Ganges. Thanks Mr. Gowarikar to let us know the exact destination of Ganges, till today we thought it flows to the Bay of Bengal.
Stars??? Do we have tradition of negative star ratings for movies?
The entire movie is totally disappointing.

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