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Kabali- Movie Review

Total break away from Rajini usual genre, A+++ Best reviews very realistic story-line, touching scenes. Romance, action and suspense.
Spoilers Alert!
Rajini is depicted as an old don, rather a activist of the oppressed estate workers in the backdrop of Malaysian estates. Where Tamils were paid low wages and at most even abused. This is a deeply rooted old issue that got slowly resolved in Malaysia but never really dealth with in the open. The slow legal process took its time at the anguish and frustration of Indians.
In this movie he actually brings out that sensitive issue to the forefront, no surprise the movie got slashed about 20-mins in Malaysia.
Rajini is old but not vulnerable he fights swiftly dealing death blows with single blows to vital points instead of the long meaningless fights. It fits the character very well makes a lot of logic.
He is also brings different perspective of romance which will touch the hearts of many and dare I say tears to the eyes. The part when he is reunited with his daughter and she kind of defended him in a fight sequence. YES ! Rajini the almighty needed help and the sequence was well executed totally plausible. She cries out ‘Appa!’ this moment melts the heart …..if you have one that really works.
His facial expressions carries touching and loving expression, which one needs to watch to understand.
Yes there is an action heroine. His daughter executes fight scenes extremely well and suitable get up for her.
The reunion scenes and flashback puts a lot of meaning and suspense to the movie. Powerful role given to his wife, total break away from his previous roles giving more emphasis to the female character as well. Makes you relax and tensed to want more to unfold from the intrigue of of story line. Best story line great direction cinematography sound , music sequence.
In Malaysia they edited the ending while in India it’s not. I don’t want to reveal too much just go see yourself follow the story you will come out saying ‘wow that’s a totally different Rajini movie!

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