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Baar Baar Dekho: At your own risk

Well I can bet that everyone has a feeling to get some magical powers so that they could peek into their future or go back in past to fix some of their mistakes. Yes here they have tried to show kind of same thing in the movie. Siddharth Malhotra playing Jay and Katrina Kaif playing Diya in the movie are childhood friends, eventually falling in love. Everything was good, wedding date was fixed, but the night before their wedding gets a feeling that he wants to study in Cambridge and he is definitely not ready for the wedding.
The reactions of Diya after the rejection will make you cry for sure, she has put all her efforts in the acting ten on ten for that.
So our jay wakes up next morning and finds himself (Confused) on Honeymoon with Diya. Then again next day he finds himself in 2034. Days pass and Jay Finds out terrible things happening ahead in future, he realizes that his life is messed up, and now he has to fix it.
Plot of the movie is unique, thankfully no Sari pallu and Stretching of arms, and that Nam to Suna hi hoga. All will agree that no one can say that the plot is lifted from some Hollywood flick. Debutant director Nitya Mehra had put all her efforts to the movie, and she should surely be praised for that.
But there are some weak points, you never understand that how this man Jay goes on time travel, what was that??? Any magic spell? Dream?? Some Time machine???
I personally have faith in love so I can say it was Love which made this possible
While watching the movie you can even get the feeling is it a dream inside a dream Like the Nolan’s inception, but pheewwww thankfully it’s not.
Despite being unique, the plot was weak I would say really weak. At some point the story even becomes frustrating, and bore.
Both the lead actors were good, Katrina had an edge over Sidharth for sure. We have been seeing their off screen chemistry throughout the promotional events, and they were really looking good together onscreen too. I suggest them to do few more movies together but yes with an advice, “choose a better script, only uniqueness of plot will not help”
Music of the movie was already a hit, with Kala Chashma topping the charts, another good song is khair mangdi. You can watch this movie only once that too if you love Katrina, for eye soothing chemistry of Kat and Sid and the songs.
Rest is average
Two stars for the movie

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