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The Road Less Taken-Freiburg & Bonn-Part 1

Traveling is when you don’t know where you are heading to and you don’t seem to care as well because knowingly or unknowingly you have fallen in love with the journey. Because when you travel and reach your destination,you don’t just see the place,you become a part of it and when you leave,it becomes a part of you and stays forever.

The unknown has always attracted the traveler soul. I believe we always end up finding something beautiful when we go in the direction of our heart’s desire. So here in this series,I am going to tell you about some less explored territories around the world where your heart can find a home.
Located at the edge of the Black forest,this southwestern city is the sunshine city of Germany. An interesting fact about the city is that it is lined with long, open, small canals with streaming clear water called Bächle. It is said that if you fall on the Bächle or accidentally step on them you will marry a local. But you will find kids playing around and splashing water or people soaking feet after a tiring day.
Another fascinating thing is you’ll find beautiful pavement patterns at the entrance of shops or houses.
It is the place for architecture lovers as well. Since this city has been occupied by various countries in the past,you can find influences from all over Europe.
Among the famous buildings you can explore the New town hall,former Franciscan’s Monastery,House of the whale,Martin Gate etc. But the main focus of the city is the Freiburg Cathedral. This is the only structure that was not affected by the world war II bombing in the city and it still stands strong. The church was built in a time span of 130 years which is very fast compared to other cathedrals of that time which would take centuries.
The European countryside feeling,scenic beauty,long stretch of vineyards,easy access to the black forest makes this sunny cheerful city a perfect getaway for all travellers.
Away from the reach of tourists,the quiet city along the river Rhine is sheer bliss. The city is small so you can just walk around. There are famous landmarks and cathedrals you can visit. Or just walk through the woods of Venusburg. You can hike to the top of the rodderburg volcano and enjoy the breathtaking view.
Bonn is also the birthplace of the famous German composer,Beethoven. If you happen to be a music lover then you get a chance to know about Beethoven’s life when you are in Bonn. If you visit the city in the month of September you can enjoy the annual Beethoven festival.

If you love a laidback lifestyle and want to relax then Bonn is definitely a great option.

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