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Success ……..A Brief Explanation

Success is a most magnificent word. It is the desire to be successful in life and accomplish impossible tasks . But we do not care to see what constitutes meaningful success. In general, success means getting desired results of any tasks undertaken by person with a purpose. For example, job applicant appearing for interview gets selected in the final round and is considered successful. It is not unimaginative stuffs that even an psychiatrist cannot understand the mind setting of his wife or children. A military general can command the whole of his company , but cannot speak a word out against his wife. Funny huh? What I meant to say that these people have been successful in their professional lives , but in their domestic lives they cannot find happiness. It is utopian thought that one can overcome all the problems in life . You can handle those problems for which you are trained and competent , but when it comes to facing life as a whole, it becomes difficult to deal with.

The things we can do is not to get fascinated by apparent success. We must not forget that sometimes success comes in the disguise of suffering and pain. We can take the evil path to get success in our lives, but in this way we are gonna be cheating our own conscience. We need to balance external achievements with inner growth to develop successful personality in us. Another thing, we should not compare our should not compare ourselves with other . Else we may become unhappy seeing other persons’ achievement. Way to success has never become easy . It takes lots of suffering and pain to achieve whatever you want to achieve….. In short , Success.

Soham Roy
Editorial Board Member of Cross Functional Business Journal and Academic Project Consultant and Trainer
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