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Importance of Reducing Ego for Maintaining Healthy Relationship

There are some people who think that the world will move as per their wishes. It is the utterly disgraceful concept. Literally, it is impossible or next to impossible. In the context of modern age, it will be absurd to expect that everyone will be abiding by the commands. It has been seen that many relationships have been broken down because of some people who are unable to ensure the reduction in ego. The key to happiness is the reduction of ego and demand. If you need something, you can ask for it. However, asking for something has become your obsession, it is transformed into demand. The level of grievances increases if the demands are not met thereby resulting in destroying life. For ensuring the existence of happiness in life, it is important to make the reduction in demand too. No relationship can sustain if the people are unable to reduce ego. If your expectation and demand level is low, you can consider yourself one of those people who has been able to get rid of ego.

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For ensuring the reduction in ego, it is important to lay emphasis on few things. First and foremost thing, which ought to be done is to get the “let it go” attitude. It is better to avoid conflict by maintaining silence in a diplomatic manner. The things will go worse if you try to manipulate the situation at the time when the situation is not under control. However, it has to be ensured that your silence is not taken for granted. You will have to defend yourself for protecting your dignity and self-respect. You cannot let yourself be controlled at the cost of your self-respect and dignity. However, you need to control your ego and you should refrain yourself from satisfying your ego by taking the upper hand on partners. The negative feelings ought to be controlled to a great extent thereby resulting in decreasing the level of resentment, fear, insecurity and what not…the list is never ending. You will never be able to successful in maintaining relationship anything if you are unable to make the reduction in your ego.
It is also important to understand that you cannot be always right. You will have to accept the fact that you may be wrong and your partner have the right to correct you. There is no shame in being corrected if you are wrong. The desire to be right all the time may play the prominent role in ensuring the destruction of your relationship. In this way, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.

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It is of prime importance to understand the situation and accept the failures in case the relationship is not working anymore. You may not live in the fear of being rejected for the rest of yours. You have the life ahead and you ought to enjoy it. You need to understand that other doors will be open for you if one door is closed. When you will get that feeling, you will come out of your fear of rejection thereby resulting in helping you to limit your ego.
You ought to refrain yourself from criticising and judging people in a constant manner. It destroys relationships. You cannot change people. If you try to change people, they will never change. In this adverse situation, it is important to accept the people the way they are. It can be done if your ego is under control. Remember, you cannot control everything. Therefore, it is better to have patience and wait patiently for the occurrence of change. A people can change to a certain extent, not to a great extent. So, it will be absurd to expect that people will dance to your tunes. If you think in that way, you are out-and-out egoistic.
The time has been changed. The pattern of relationship has been changed. It is no longer expected that existence of ego is the sign of healthy relationship. Males and females both need to get rid of ego for ensuring the existence of the healthy relationship. If the people associated with the relationship are unable to control the ego, the peace of mind will be disturbed and consequently, the healthy state of relationship will be non-existence.

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