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Everyone was waiting for it like the “Chatak” (Sanskrit word.  Pied Cuckoo) waits for the first drop of water to fall from the sky while waiting for the monsoon to quench its thirst. Our situation was no different. Each monitor on every desk was flashing Microsoft Outlook. Many of us were already done with the most of the planning and many of them had gone a step ahead in the same.
To celebrate the 15th anniversary and to mark a big celebration; our company has decided to have an annual offsite to GOA last year. “GOA!!!” The word itself brings an electrifying energy; each neuron present in the body gets activated. Suddenly, everything surrounding you started looking interesting; dull, boring day seems bright and sunny. Life becomes colorful.
We all were in “GOA” mood when we received the first mail with a message as “offsite destination will be Goa this year”. Entire wing, every bay, each cubicle witnessed the chirp each one was having. Faces were blooming. I had never seen this kind of excitement before. No, this was not the first time we were going for an offsite. It’s an every year ritual. But this time, the enthusiasm was at a different level.
Soon planning started on, in which batch to go, how to reach there, whether to go by company transport or by own. Girls were in altogether on different track; what to wear, what stuff one can buy from there, what shopping will one need to do, etc. etc. Girls can never get tired thinking of shopping.
What so special about Goa!!!  I had been there 3 times before; still, I do not want to miss any of the opportunity to go there again and again. Truly Goa is Magnetic… It pulls you back. Although it is one of the smallest Indian states, it is truly a jewel in the sparkling crown. Swaying palm trees in the cool breeze makes the ride like a rhythmic song, endless coastlines of sandy beaches gives the detox for body, mind, and Soul. A blue sea makes you deep dive in tranquility. It’s an unbreakable addiction.

-Ride a Rhythmic song
-Ride a Rhythmic song Image Credit: www.mumbaitravels.in
-Palm Trees makes you sway
-Palm Trees makes you sway
-Blue Sea - Tranquility
-Blue Sea – Tranquility

Coming out of Goa dream, I heard a scream “it’s there, it’s there”. People in discussions rushed to their respective desk leaving discussions in the middle. Even work took the second priority at that moment.  Many of them forgot their system passwords in enthusiasm. Overjoy can make people dumb.  Jokes apart, it was the over madness.  I looked at the monitor; it was showing one email notification. As quick as possible I opened an email. It was the survey email for Goa where one needs to respond the details like the batch in which they want to go and the other preferences. Immediately I clicked on “Respond to this survey” Link and clicked the Batch 1 before its get filled.
We all; including our girl’s gang and the teammates had decided on Batch 1, rather all the employees wanted to go in the first batch. It was a tug of war situation to get “batch 1” clicked. One can judge the intensity of our forecasting by our planning. Our train tickets were booked already in advance in accordance with the dates of the first batch. At that moment I felt like playing betting for Goa, whether it will be batch 1 or 2. Crazy.
Another mail notification splashed up within 5 minutes. The email stated “Thanks for the overwhelming response. Batch 1 is full”. Everybody stood up. I had made up in the Batch 1 successfully. One can tell by looking at the faces on who has made it to batch 1. All our girl’s gang has won the Goa Race!!!

-Celebration Image Credit : http://www.maavalanindiatravels.com/


Pratibha Ramteke
10+ years of experience As Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) having proven track record in leading automation and quality teams of enterprise class products for growing organizations.  Presently involved in Automation, DevOps and Performance verticals for enterprise class product’s testing.  Expert in Automation based out of API and UI testing
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