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Eggilicious : Eggs with a Twist of Health


Eggs are a rich source of inexpensive, high quality protein, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper, perhaps the only food that contains so much of healthy nutrients for the body and forms an integral part of our day to day food. In this present health conscious generation that discards red meat and high fat diet , eggs are a good replacement . Talking about eggs , our city of joy has a new food joint that specialises on eggs and its delicacies – Eggilicious situated amidst the hustle and bustle of 6 Wood Street opposite to the Saturday Club gives a modern yet classy twist to all the egg lovers of Kolkata.


When you enter this cosy food joint, the first thing that attracts you is the bright sunny side up egg décor on the walls ,furniture and interiors . Every nook and corner of this little hub be it the yellow table and chairs, the egg graffiti and the bright shelves  promises to remind you of the eggy wonder. Kavita Kapoor , the designer and co-owner of this place has put in a lot of effort to give it a Spanish Café touch with bright yellow ambience to lit the mood of any visitor . Tushar and Kavita both the owners of this beautiful café emphasis on healthy eating and that was the primary reason for this café.



Talking about the menu , this place has a crisp not so elaborate menu that can cater to all your breakfast, quick bite and lunch needs. An English breakfast with eggs, sausages, toast to oil fre egg burgers, Omelette varieties, Egg poaches , egg sandwiches, egg rolls , egg Mughlai parathas , you will find everything associated with eggs here. My favourite was the jumbo egg burger and the Mughlai Paratha and baked beans on toast – a must try here. And for those health conscious lot , there are fresh ice compressed juices which is their speciality .


Situated in a busy lane surrounding schools, clubs and gyms, this place is an apt destination to sit, chat, eat and sip healthy delicious egg wonders. A must visit place for all people of all ages to enjoy mouth-watery eggilicious without compromising on your taste and health.

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