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My take on The diary of a young girl-by Anne Frank

Being a complete bookworm, I had always been the girl with a book in her hand wherever she goes in my school days but as soon as school got over I was still the girl with a book in her hand only this time with books I won’t fall in love with. So when I was asked to write a book review I was kind of nervous and hesitant. It’s been months since I read a book. Sometimes I blame it on my college pressure and sometimes I feel guilty thinking I am just too lazy. But then I really wanted my old self back and I believe if I write about the books I read I’m probably going to read more.
So let’s start with the first one.
The Diary of a young girl
(It won’t be a typical review. I am just going to pen down how the book appealed to me.)
Okay first of all it’s kind of embarrassing because I am probably the last person of my age group to read this book. Frankly speaking when I was a teen I was more into mature and complicated books. But now that I have finally read it I feel glad.
So those of you don’t know what the story is based on let me give you an idea. The book is based on the real story of a teenage girl from Amsterdam,Anne Frank,during the Second World War. She was from a jewish family and we all know during the war how jewish people were taken to the concentration camps and tortured to death. So their whole family sought refuge in a secret annex after they were being chased down by Hitler’s men. Another jewish family joined them soon and with some help from outside they managed to live there for two years. But her story is much more than the chaos and the uncertainty the war caused. Her story teaches us to hope even when we lose all reasons to. I could connect to her because even I have this habit of writing my heart out in my diary. In fact I believe all girls as teenagers can connect to her as we all go through the same phase that she described so beautifully in her diary. After reading the book I can only say she is an amazing person who is full of optimism. She teaches us we should never give up on dreaming and even though life in the annex was tough and the end was tragic she teaches us we can all be happy with the small things in life.
The book is very simple and so is our life. And irrespective of whatever our age is,we can learn a lot from this girl.

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