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Be careful what you wish for – Jeffery Archer

When I started the novel, I was uninterested for the first few chapters. But it captivated my interest after a while. I enjoyed reading about all the countermoves by the protagonists. Even though the theme is similar to other novels I have read of Jeffery Archer – family feud and a very cunning antagonist, it is interesting and different in it’s own way. I like it as much as his Son’s of Fortune. I want to read all the books in Clifton chronicles.
I read an article that says the recipe for writing best book is to have a protagonist, antagonist, sidekick, love interest and a mentor/guide. Cedric hardcastle plays a perfect mentor. He reminds me of another character Sir Stafford Nye from Agatha Christie ‘s novel, Passenger to Frankfurt- seeking adventure to his seemingly boring life.
Favourite character: Although every character is impressive, I find Jessica most intriguing. She is highly talented and awkward in crowds ( I like that because.. although I’m not highly talented, I’m very awkward in crowds ). Also she is sweet and loveable.
Favourite conversation –
Sebastian is out on dinner with a girl he likes.
Sebastian – ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’
Girl – ‘Yes. He is coming to into the gallery on Thursday to up some picture (Referring to Sebastian) and I’ve invited him to attend the opening of Mr Mystery man’s exhibition the following Monday. By then, I’m rather hoping he’ll have enough in his bank account to take me out to dinner.’
Sebastian blushes.

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