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Why were Muslim Invaders Successful in India

Why was India conquered? Why were Muslim invaders successful in India? Why did India lost to foreign invasions? Why India continued to be raped and remain exploited by foreign ideologies?
India being a very ancient civilization had many times polarized societies irrespective of diverse local leaders or kingdoms but the truth is Islam entered simply for weakness at frontier areas and internal traitors. If there were 4 strong rulers one weak one would call thugs to help him win against the 4 by hook or crook. This is still 100 % reflective in Indian politics. Persia’s fall was biggest blow as Islam converts the subjugated immediately as the enemy of its own people and this happened to people of Paaras and Khorasan who suddenly became Faaras and Afghan and became extreme enemies of their own people who were not Muslims. Thus Islam is a very clever political imperial idea where component of religion is mere 3% and rest all is to prepare the “victim” to destroy everyone around and force him to convert or die. Thus once eroded India became weaker. Notice that Arabs were defeated despite their crooked invasion tricks but they did keep the Sindh in their thug agents hands. Similarly Central Asian and Khorasani and Faaras was used to destroy and conquer India and convert it by hook or crook. They even forced literally to later Sufis to go and work for Islam. Indians are most polarized people due to their insatiable greed and jealousy to drag his neighbor and create rivalries and this defect has been used by all foreigners. It is not because Indians were cowards but they were unable to mitigate and manage the weaker elements who sold themselves as prostitutes. This trend continues in India and now in so called democracy. The weak and thugs internally keep it weak so that thug parties keep winning and hurting entire system and that obviously is a draining hemmaraige that will never let it remain strong.

The problems are not our enemies but our own weaknesses. That is the key to all growth and development and also key to erosion and destruction. That is a Vedic principle and ignored by Indians.

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