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Reality of socialism in the context of modern Indian society

Problem of Leftists:

The problem with Leftists was that they are unable to come out of their traditional socio-political framework and that’s why they are losing relevance in the national politics. In an desperate failed attempt to align themselves with the International Communism, they ignored the call of the people. They ignored the changing demands of the situation. Their tendency of going to the opposite of the stream has brought them to an level where they have lost their relevance.

For example, when Netaji led INA was fighting against British government in India in the jungles of the North-Eastern borders of India, they did not support Netaji on the basis of the allegations that INA was backed by the Fascists and as USSR was with Allied powers, so being the member of the society of the International Communists, the should refrain themselves from supporting INA and any of the national activities. Even Joseph Stalin did not instruct them to not to support nationalism, did he?

Every country has its own brand of nationalism and it should be customized as per the changing situation when required. Some one cannot stick to one principle for long time. It gives birth to rigidity, results of which sometimes are not good. Though very few communist members went against that decision of the party and they stretched out their hands in support of nationalism.

Anti Nationalism:

Even they supported the creation of Pakistan and not a single communists bothered when thousands of innocent people were being butchered and victim of the mass genocide in the then East Bengal and Punjab. They supported Chinese invasion conspired for an armed revolution when India was in the initial stage before becoming super power in Asia. As if the idea of supporting nationalism is alien stuff to them.

Destroying Indian history and facts :

It is not unknown to many people how they had worked as Fifth Columnist for the then British Government as per the report of Bhulabhai Deshai. Their historians tried to distort and manipulate our history in every possible way through the use of method of propagating their alien ideology, history of which can be traced back to the 19th century. These are few of the examples of historical blunders.

What leftist did for India :

Now lets come to the matter of what they have done for India so far. They have been in power in West Bengal, Tripura, and Kerala for so many years but failed to create any milestone and impact which could have helped them to erase the anti-nationals tag from their back. Not one state has been able to witness the trend of development under their rule so far like Andhra Pradesh under C.B. Naidu and Karnataka under R.K. Hegde.

If Government makes any wrong decisions, instead of playing the role of responsible opposition, they do not miss the chances of making Parliament a noisy classroom. They oppose those arm deals made with foreign countries which are in interests of the national security. If they do not like any decisions taken by Government, instead of going for any logical and constructive discussion, they come in street for protest for the sake of opposing. Moreover, there is no unity when it comes to the stand of the party. If one talks about making alliance with central government, another one rejects this idea. They do not support the dynamic idea of supporting FDI as supporting it will mean supporting US imperialism as per their notion. Because of their rule, West Bengal has been deprived of English Education and Computer education for long years. Though Budhhadeb Bhattacharjee had made some attempt in bringing about reformations to some extent, but he was not successful in doing so.

It’s high time Communists should change their mindset and strategy for the purpose of their survival. Else they will continue to lose their relevance and the day is not far when source of information about them will be available only on history book.

Soham Roy
Editorial Board Member of Cross Functional Business Journal and Academic Project Consultant and Trainer
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