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Dedicated to Netaji on the eve His birthday

Today is the birthday of India’s All Time Hero who has moved out of India dodging British spies’ eyes and went to Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, He tried to collaborate with Russia whom He viewed as the Pioneer of socialism and Messiah of Distressed people all over the world. Failing to get any positive response from them, He sought the help from Axis powers in getting our country liberated from the yoke of Anglo-Saxon domination. While all of the leaders of our country were in favor of assisting British Crown in second world war, including the communists,( Very few communists supported Him) He is the only one who has raised his voice against such traditional notion.

His idea:

He propagated the idea of “striking the iron when it is hot”. In His opinion, it was best time to strike the British Empire and second world war had presented India with this opportunity of liberating Mother India from the shackles of British Imperialism. He tried to convince his fellow political leaders that with the departure of the British army from India, the other countries of Asia and Africa will be inspired to raise their heads against British crown and America and as a consequences, Asia and Africa’s oppressed people will attain freedom from Allied rule. Some leaders did not understand His vision and cornered Him. But He never compromised when it comes to the question of India’s freedom.

His famous Escape:

Via Kabul, Moscow and Rome , He went to Berlin and formed an army consisting of WWI Indian Prisoners of War in Germany and Singapore and fought with this army against the British in the Rangoon with the war cry ” To Delhi! To Delhi!” He motivated all of Indians irrespective of castes, creed to fight against the British till last breath for the sake of Motherland’s freedom. Though His army was defeated in this war, the legacy and saga of His Army became immortal for all the time to come and British Crown finally came to realize that their time had come to leave the Indian territory once and forever. He was the most feared among the allied powers -especially Britain and USA. He was not only a hero of India, he was considered as vanguard of Liberty in the Third World country. Once asked by Bhagatram Talwar regarding His collaboration with Nazi Germany instead of Russia, He replied” I can join hand even with Satan for my Motherland’s freedom.” Russia denied to help Him because of the pact with allied power against Axis power. He was the one who even dared to talk over the face of Hitler by saying that He did not need to be taught politics as He had been in the politics for such a long time and even challenged the idea of Hitler regarding Indians which has been mentioned in his book “Mein Kamph” , without the fear of being executed by SS. He propagated the idea of putting India under ruthless dictatorship ,which will be the combination of Russian style socialism and Nazi German style ruthlessness and discipline.

His Leadership:

He was a visionary with great leadership skills and quality, He was champion of Industrialization in India when this notion was not given serious thought by the then leadership of India. Even British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was afraid of Him.

Even after His death, He is still remembered as great hero of our country. He vowed to wage crusade against British Imperialism as long as he lives. His death is still a mystery; some says He died in place crash, some says He died in Russia unable to bear the torture of Stalin’s executioners, some says He did not die. I do not know how He died. But as long as the India exists, He will be remembered as the true leader, Who in spite of being ignored by some people, will still continue to live in the hearts of the millions of Indians.

I bow to thee, Netaji. Our country is in need of such a Great Leader like You. I do not have the audacity to call You by your name. You have taught us not to bow our head before anyone. You have taught us to live with dignity and self-respect. You will continue to live though millions of Indians for all the time to come. You are the true leader Mother Indian has ever produced. You have delivered us freedom. That’s why I call You Netaji. Kudos to You, Netaji.

Soham Roy
Editorial Board Member of Cross Functional Business Journal and Academic Project Consultant and Trainer
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