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8 Critical reasons you must know your history!

If you want to know your future you must know your history. Likewise if you want to know the future of your city, state or country you must know its history to unfold the deep hidden secrets that nobody will tell you or will not be alive to tell you. History of as long as one can go and each fold of past history will expose you the basis and causes of current turmoil and troubles that the residents of the area face.

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Human beings have a silly habit of trying to forget all their previous pains and sufferings and in the vicious repetitive circle they tend to fall in the same traps again and again. That is why those who learn of their history properly can be prepared for a better future.

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By learning, knowing real history will bring about not only knowledge but it will give you more meaning to your life and a decisive future course to your life and to help you create a better future for your children and society.
You could avoid, death, destruction, wars and conflicts by giving attention to dark chapters of past history.
We will be scanning some of the most critical history events of past, ancient past to learn, to reflect that knowledge to view the current wars, conflicts and problems faced. Those who tell you to or themselves want to live in denial, because they may associate with the wrong side of the history are naturally not your friends and they will try to dissuade you, that it is all wrong, or history is gone etc. Never ever fall in their traps. Learn your history without conditions.

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One sure thing one should remember is that most history taught in schools is based on biased and “created” history by vested interests and the governments who teach wrong, false and distorted hiistory are not only irresponsible they are doing injustice and a big damage to the future growth of its subjects. That is why if you want to really grow, into the future learn your real history.. DO NOT focus on the glorious past only but the past that is horrible, sad, disgusting and full of cruelty and injustices as that part of history is the one that will teach the present generations the real lessons.
I only provide real genuine, 100 % accurate history from records that are proven and if you can not bear the facts or tolerate the truths please do not follow me and immediately unfollow me.

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In my studies, travels and interviews and review of current scene I find that majority of people live in denial, accepting and believing in a fake, unrealistic and nonsensical history told to them by vested interests, authorities or popular books. Those who live in denial and do not dig in their real history perish sooner than later.
– History allows us to learn from the past. History tells us who we are. It helps us understand why we live the way we are living and why we are where we are as a species and country.
– Studying History provides cultural awareness. History is interesting, helps understand cultures
– History encourages independence. History helps understand change.
– In order to make sense of current affairs it is important to study the past. The media, news industry is based on extremely clever vested interests whose interests are NOT always yours.
– History is relevant in everyday’s life, . History helps us become good citizens. When you dig you will find you have been conned, fooled and taken advantage for your ignorance.
– History repeats itself. Your future is based on history. We understand the mistakes made by our ancestors should not be repeated in future by us. Do not be trapped by fake history by religious fanatic and convinced idiots.
– History helps us understand the people, systems, communities and the world around us and avoid wars.
– When you learn of dark and glorious past you can pacify the tormented spirits of your own and your ancestors spirits.

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