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To me the question of intolerance is the brainchild of some unscrupulous people acted as an Orchestra team to kill precious time in the barren field of politics.

In the ancient times, people were of bohemian culture. They moved from one place to another in search of food. They started rearing of cattle. The waves of Aryans penetration into India started through the western front during the prehistoric days. The Aryans settled in and around the places known as “Saptasindhaba ” i.e.five rivers of the Punjab, Sindh and Saraswati which stretched from Amudarya river in Afghanistan to the Punjab.

Before settled down in that place ancient people ate meat irrespective of beef even. In hymns of Indra, one may see some hymns indicate to gratify Indra with the meat of Oxen. It is held Yagyavalka the wise sage used to take the cub from the womb of the cow which was preferred by him.

But as soon as they abandoned their bohemian habit and started to live on agrarian culture and further expansion in the Gangetic valley started they discovered that for ploughing cow or oxen were very essential . If beef was taken as menu the oxen would have vanished and there would have been another crisis for their agriculture. They discovered Cow as a precious wealth for them so much so that Cow gives milk to cow dung very essential for their culture. The Cow emerged as” Gomata” and thus honoured to the highest esteem no other cattle could match for. Thus in a passage of time the Cow has been regarded as a valuable wealth for the ancient Aryans. Many a battle took place for cows It becomes a part and parcel in Aryan life.

The single unitary force : Brahma :

The old seers invented that the ultimate force controlling the whole universe was Brahman who is pervasive to all, omnipotent, omnipresence, swifter than the mind , formless and can not be pierced.
Only one can not generate living beings.So in place of one entity dual entity emerged known as Dualism proposed by Ramanujam.

On the otherhand, they thought the single entity Brahmn be adorned with” OM” O indicates Brahman who creates, the Vishnu who protects and M indicates Maheshwara who destroys. For one being it has to be created, protected, then destruction takes place.

But their curiosity was not satisfied with three main Gods.Taking into account of three abodes viz Swarga the heaven, Martya_ the mortal world and Patal_ the abode of the lowest place and keeping eleven senses they discovered as many as 3 x11=33 main Gods and Goddesses. Then it multiplied to the tune of thirty-three Crore Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu mythology.

The five sects of Hinduism:_

Amongst them only the five sects emerged as prominent viz:
the Saivas_ found in Kashmir valley, Tibet and all hilly regions the Saivas dominate.

Secondly: the Ganapatyas the followers of Ganapati prominent in western and middle India.South India also claims a huge follower of Ganapati

Thirdly: the Shaktas; prominent in Bengal Assam,and scattered in Tripura and some places in Indian subcontinent

Fourthly: the Vaishnavites_ followers of Vishnu found in South India, Bengal Assam, Manipur valley and scattered in Tripura.In Myanmar Vishnu cult is evident before the Christian era.

Fifthly: the Saurayas followers of Sun God _prominent in Persia now Iran, the Punjab and in Rajasthan and other places scattered.
Besides those five prominent God’s and Goddesses Saraswati, Laxmi Jagaddhatri, Kartikeya, Varna, Ganga, Sitaladevi are also offered Puja by devotees.

The above five sects are the ingredients of Hindu ways of Life. In other words, the ways of life moulded in the daily life of people lived on the banks of river Sindh came to be known as Hinduism. Thus when one speaks of Hinduism he speaks on the total lifestyle of the above five sects.
Hinduism is a religion of democratic system.
The Vedantists seers are the pioneers of the above sects . They see no differences between a man vs man. There is no place of disdain ,enmity and hatred.
As time passed on the clumsy Vedic rituals and explanations of Vedic hymns by the Brahmins became very difficult to understand by common man until Sayanarcharya annotated those hymns in the fourteenth century A.D.

In between the Jainism and Buddhism sprout from the philosophical discourses on the Upanisads.In simple language, the Buddhism and the Jainism started their expansion. Common people accepted their simple ways of following a decent lifestyle.

Ashoka made Buddhism the state religion of India _stretches from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka. Kusans though foreign in origin merged in Indian culture and Kaniska devoted wholeheartedly for expanding Buddhism beyond India to Korea China and south East Asian countries.Thus he was nicknamed as Second Ashoka in Indian history. During those days tolerance was one of the main state policies.

During the Guptas, the Brahmanical religion was revived to its old glory which had declined since Ashoka made Buddhism the state religion of India but not at the cost of intolerance.

During Harshabardhana’s time in the five-year Mela at Prayaga now Allahabad three chief Gods, deities viz Lord Siva, the Sun God and Budha were worshipped.
So in the evolution stages of our lifestyle during the passage of time intolerance was alien to our ways of life .

The menace appeared as soon as Darayus invaded Sindh and Dahir was defeated in the first quarter of eight century A.D. The Muslim rulers in search of wealth started invading India and looted the immense wealth stored in temples. Temples were looted destroyed. mercilessly . Hindus had been massacred, women were to fulfill their lust.
The reign of Alauddin Khalji is very particular for his sadistic pleasure with his onslaught against Hindu kingdoms to capture their queens.Intolerance reached its height during Aurangzeb’s tenure I.e. from 1707 to 1750 earmarked for his making India Dar Ul Islam land for Islam. He demolished Hindu temples.converted Hindus to the Islamic faith in Hindu dominated the country, so collapsed.

Then during the British rule they discovered that India was a rich country. The country could not be conquered by the British unless her culture was destroyed.
So the cultural bond which strengthened the sub-continent as formidable through the good services of Chaitanya, Kabir,Kabir, Nanak, Ramdev, Mirabai got a jolt and only for higher degree of intolerance on the basis of religion India and Pakistan emerged at the communal clashes in different parts of the country and thousands of refugees took shelter in both countries.
For her secular status Sikhs Jains Christians, Buddhists,could live peacefully without any hush except the Muslims.
Because in India they are appeased continuously. Appeasement increases the greed to claim more and more claiming minority status.
If Hindu temples are taxed why from Mosques and Dargas would not be taxed?
Why for Pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina Muslims are favoured with facilities?Would the facility available for Hindus to pilgrimage holy places in Pakistan Myanmar-China? Not possible.
So the favoritism to Muslims should be stopped.

Why could all Indians not be brought under universal Civil Code?One Hindu could not marry beyond one. What about the Muslims ? He can marry as many as four wives. Then the Muslim population will be jumping geometrically.
From the above it is held Muslims are not treated discriminately. They are well treated in India.

There are very important issues before us. Let us move to those prioritise sectors

To me the question of intolerance is the brainchild of some unscrupulous people acted as an Orchestra team to kill precious time in the barren field of politics.Now their mentors will utilise those comments properly. The flood affected people of Tamil Nadu will take a few more days to come to those nationalistic icons of Indian politics.

Braja Mohan Singha
Bureaucrat & Social Activist | Vice Chairman - Advisory Committee For Development Of Bishnupriya Manipuri Language , Government Of Tripura
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