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Marketing is all about storytelling. People buy stories not product. Marketing refers to the process of bringing product to market. You can share your marketing message with users using various techniques, they are:

  • Traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing

Traditional Marketing is done using media platforms like magazines , newspapers TV , Outdoor(bus , taxi wraps, posters , billboards,) Broadcasting (TV , Radio), Print (Magazines , newspapers,) Direct mail (catalogues), Telemarketing (phone or text message, Window display and sign,  and so on. On the other hand, Digital Marketing uses digital media like social media, websites.  With the advent of internet age digital marketing started gaining traction. According to ClickZ internet users makeup 57% of global population. These mind-blowing figures present a huge opportunity for digital marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing popular?

Digital marketing is inbound marketing. Its focus is to get out there, gain exposure, attract target audience, and spread awareness. Instead of you going out there to find people to buy your product or services, your prospective customer will find you. You can run advertisements digitally on google or create marketing related content for your blog.

Let’s discuss in detail advantages of digital marketing 

  1.  User Experience: Digital marketing is easy to understand and entertaining. Digital marketing ensures hustle free way to reach out to target customers. This gives good user experience and enhance brand value. 
  2. Customer satisfaction: Today customer do lot of research before buying product. Digital marketing aids this step of customers journey by giving valuable information like reviews, feedback from other customer. Also, you can do comparative study of products before making final decision, so customer satisfaction enhances.
  3. Accuracy: The reports generated using analytics tool are based on real time analysis so digital marketing is more accurate.
  4. Time saving: Digital devices can help you reach out to your target audience in no time due to fast reach of internet.
  5. Good ROI:  Digital marketing gives good ROI due to fast and global audience reach for target customers. 
  6. Better engagement: Through various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram etc),Website ,Content marketing ,Affiliate marketing ,Inbound marketing ,Email marketing ,PPC (pay per click) (Search engine marketing)  you can instantly see what good your audience find in your brand and marketing effort . This enhances better customer engagement.

Why Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing?

  1. Reach: Majority of younger audience is active in Facebook, Instagram and so on. Digital marketing helps in expanding horizons and reach a broader set of audience. Visually stunning and impactful social media campaign, perfectly trendy and shareable content for various social media channels enhances the reach of a brand among new audience. You can reach out to your global customer sitting in various geographical locations. It has huge impact on its audience. On the other hand, traditional marketing is localised.
  2. Measurable: If we can measure, we can improve. Digital marketing campaigns are measurable. There are analytic tools available in digital marketing to conduct in – depth study or research. You can see shares, likes, and plenty of comments to see the engagement. Whereas it is very difficult to measure output using traditional marketing techniques.
  1. Direct Interaction with customer: Customers can easily and comfortably interact with their brands just with touch of a button. Due to easy access wide number of customers can give valuable feedback of the brand using social channels. This creates good customer interaction. Whereas traditional marketing one on one customer interaction is missing.
  1. Effectiveness: As customer engagement is very good digital marketing can serve as more effective than traditional marketing. It is easier to plan next steps of marketing using digital marketing methods.
  1. Targeting: Using digital marketing tools you can target niche audience. You can track consumers behaviour like preferences, past purchases etc using cookies. This helps a brand to understand their audience and target them with relevant content, whereas traditional marketing is more generic. 
  1. Good customer service: Digital marketing techniques helps brands deliver good customer services due to use of high-end technology and marketing automated tools Your customers can directly share theirs concerns regarding product or services. There is plenty of direct communication between the audience and the brand. This helps in getting very valuable consumer feedback. In traditional marketing good customer support presents challenges.
  2. Easy to implement: You do not need team of experts to implement digital marketing strategies, you can get access to tools that can be purchased on monthly or annually subscription basis. These tools are easy to implement. Whereas traditional marketing is intricate in implementation.
  1. Retargeting: You can bring your disengaged customer back and pump up your revenue using various online tools and strategies. In traditional marketing retargeting is tough.
  1. Lead nurturing: Digital marketing is not just about sales. Through digital marketing you can nurture your leads through appropriate content like blogs, webinar, podcasts and so on at various stages of buying journey Whereas in traditional marketing leads nurturing is not methodical.
  1. Affordable:  Digital marketing can be implemented in limited budget. Whereas traditional marketing involves sizable budget to start.

Despite so many advantages digital marketing is accompanied with drawbacks like over exposer to screen, misuse of social media for selfish practice lack of permanence in the minds of users and so on.

On the other hand, even today, traditional marketing finds place in the heart of people owing to emotional bond it creates with customers like an impactful TV commercial or tactile experience of the copy of a magazine.

I suggest you must see what works better. The key to successful marketing is   choosing the right  marketing strategy for your brand including your message, timing , and method of communication traditional or digital or both  to reach and influence your customers  When implemented in unison both the methods of marketing are elevated.

Your brand story should address wider sections of audience persuading the customer to act and purchase your product irrespective of the strategy. Do share with us, your favorite digital marketing strategy and how it turned into a blessing for your business.