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When immorality wins over commitment?

We stay in a funny world of love and affection. Sometimes love is priceless and it is true that this is endless. Yes it is perhaps a perfect example of immorality when a true love becomes priceless in the eye of the opposite sex but still the true lover cannot forget his true love. Where there is no expectation against this we must say that the lover is committed.  This is not a one example. In corporate also, the same thing happens, when a valuable employees becomes valueless and ultimately priceless just due to the reason of his few month’s non-performance. Despite of knowing this fact that he is becoming sacked, he never says that he is not going to perform any more. Rather he tries for his survival. This cannot be the only reason that he is desperate to survive. There may be another reason that he is still committed. But the question is who is going to pay the price for that. Is the commitment priceless? Yes it is. The performers cannot be that but the non-performers in the area of either love or affection or in corporate life are when priceless even when the same persons were looking worthy in the eye of the biased judge.
So here immorality wins over commitment. This is the current trend of many private organizations. Hardly it differs whether it is corporate or academics or even social services. We often discuss about the importance of motivation, team spirit, group effort, non-monetary incentives, HR transformation, and Change process. Yes these are required but valueless committed employee becomes priceless for the non-performance for few periods despite of his significant contribution in the recent past? May be we can consider this as amorality too. Should it win over this unquestionable commitment?  Is there any reward?
It is true that, it cannot be rewarded but should be acknowledged either in the form of a non-monetary incentive or in the form of a lump sum cash payment.  Why a true lover, at least, is not getting the acknowledgement of his true love from his or her opposite sex? Outcome may not be there due to some positive reason but is it justified that he will be unwanted like a committed but kicked-out employee though he may be potential again in near future ? Corporates, arrange one seminar for that otherwise so called talk shop, seminars, debates will also be there but will be priceless too. Human beings cannot be a showcased puppet.

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