Top 7 customer engagement strategies

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For any fruitful relationship to last, it is imperative to draw engagement. The applies to business as well. Among various business strategies available, no wonder customer engagement is at the top.


 1.        What is customer engagement?

 2.        Why is customer engagement important?

 3.   Top 7 ways to engage with customers for your business

  • Customer sentiments and reviews
  • Loyalty programs
  • Re-engagement Tools
  • CSR
  • Survey/contest
  • Forum
  • Organize events

Let’s discuss in detail some of the most useful customer engagement strategies here.

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement serves as a communication channel between customers and brands through various online and offline channels.

Why we need customer engagement?

Engaging the customer is essential for the success of any business. It helps to increase customer loyalty and repeat sales for your business and lowers the cost of acquisition. Today customers have many similar-looking product and service offers. It is very easy for a customer to switch to a different brand offering better value to their money in terms of UI and UX. To retain old customers at the same time to acquire new customers it is very essential to put an effective strategy in place in a way that helps to reduce customer churn at every stage of the customer’s journey. This includes consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy.

An engaged customer spends more time on the website, and helps to increase your ad revenue if you are a publisher, and helping in the SEO value of your site. Also, they can be the best brand ambassadors and spread the good word for your business.

Good customer engagement leads to repeat users and an increase in website traffic( It is important to identify the right ways and channels to engage customers. But too much engagement looks like intruding. Instead try to implement strategies to engage with customers at the right frequency, at the right time, and through the right medium. We need to create a plan about how to engage customers.

Top 7 ways to engage with the customer for your business

1.Customer Reviews and Loyalty Programs

In today’s world, customer reviews make a big difference as the customer is exposed to a plethora of options to choose from. Feedback reflects the real opinion of a customer who has tried your product. Reviews platform allows the customer to directly engage with the brand. As per the report, 88% of online customer considers reviews (add a link to website ) as a personal recommendation.

Customer reviews instill confidence in a new customer to buy your product.

· A study by Reevo ( Add the link indicates a lift of 4.6% in conversion rates with reviews.

 On the other hand Loyalty Member Programs  are also a popular way to engage with customer.Its love of human being to get recognized for their efforts that have given way to loyalty programs and membership rating based on contribution.

Many websites offer loyalty points when a customer makes a purchase or gives feedback on purchased items. Based on their contributions customers are given ratings. In forums like – Expert, Advanced User Newbie, and more you can find ratings given to customers based on their contribution and how users respond. The loyalty programs allures users to remain engaged with the product and website.

2.Customer Re-engagement: You can make use of third party re-engagement tools to increase your engagement. The purpose is to engage with users in real-time. This helps to increase overall revenue. Customer re-engagement also helps to generate traffic on your website.

You can use gamified app Spinwheel ( which allows users to spin the wheel to win offers and the user has to give their email id to claim.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility:

CSR event gives an opportunity to the brand to give back to the community. For e.g. take part in community causes – like installing water pumps in rural areas or similar to that. This will help people to become aware of your brand. For e.g. Nike used advanced technology to reduce water wastage.

4.Social Media Engagement: The social media platform has given the opportunity to the brands to engage with their customers. Keep posted regularly. Also, monitor in social media what is being said about your brand. If you notice Dominos( website, they post every day to keep the customer engaged. Another advantage of social media is that it drives traffic. You can also join groups on social media sites. Pro Tip: You can use a custom URL shortener( like Rebrandly to brand the links which you create for your brands. This branding of your links can create brand awareness and build trust. Also, you can use Click trust to create transparency for your business.

 5. Occasional Survey or Contest: You can run a contest or survey to collect user’s responses on different topics. This increases user’s participation with the brand and thereby enhance trust. Your customer can share their views on your brand. As per a report (Add link) , a $3 billion sale happened during Black Friday. Such events can be used to draw maximum engagement.

6. Forum You can start a forum around your product. You can start writing a blog to interact with your customers. You can create a community around your industry. You can guide people on different issues in this forum. A company like MOZ( Add the link of MOZ) have created a forum for SEO where people can discuss all SEO industry-related topic. This forum helps fellow customers to help out each other.

7. Organize Events: Add Face Value You can organize social events to build confidence. One To one Events give the opportunity to the brand to interact with the customer directly. This also enhances the social existence of a band. For instance, events like Blogger meet, Workshops where people can touch and feel your product or service are very popular. Such events help to acquire new customers. In addition to it, you can also use strategies like

Gamification to engage with your customers. These fun games keep the customer engaged by offering a gift on every win. Such strategies are very popular among users, especially in the retail business. You can also try social media engagement. Social media is an effective platform to showcase all the happenings like the introduction of new features to your product or services, any update in pricing and so. The social presence of a brand helps to increase customer engagement. This enhances the overall customer experience. Customer engagement is a continuous process. It helps you to know your customer well. Nowadays when a customer has a plethora of choices there are chances that your customer can slip out to another client. So it is important for you to stand out to be at the top of your customer’s mind while he is shopping.

So what is your strategy to attract customers for your business ? Do share with me more such strategies and how it helps your business to succeed.