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In most of the cases, personalities are shaped by one’s thoughts. If thoughts are good, a person can lead happy life and his confidence can be boosted up no matter what. On the contrary, if thought is wicked, a person is always afraid of being harmed. In other words, satanic thoughts make people radiate a repulsive aura. If you are in jovial mood, it will not make any difference even if your surroundings are bad, and you will always be in peaceful mode. That’s why it has always been important for people to have a deep understanding on thought management. There are two components of thought- Object and Subject. Subject is that part of our thought that relates to us and Object is that part of the thought that relates t everything except self. If a person wants to lead happy life, he or she should be giving serious thought to controlling the quantity and quality of thoughts. When we get excited, a sudden increase in the number of thoughts can be seen as a result of which controls are lost on ourselves and we are compelled to commit those acts that sometimes may cause harm in the form of high blood pressure headache and hyper tension. So, one should avoid being angry or excited all the time and blank its head so that no increment in the numbers of thoughts can take place. Desired results can be achieved only when works are done quietly and calmly as it helps a person in reducing the number of thoughts. Good thoughts guided by good values can help one in leading a noble life. That’s why people should put their efforts in spending their lives with good people and good things. Last, but not the least, there is no such thing as good and bad. It is not determined on the basis of customs or perceptions prescribed by societies. It is always a personal viewpoints, has always been.

Reference: Effective Life Management written by Swami Amartyananda

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