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Theory S – a slave’s destiny in real world Corporate employee.

In modern corporate culture we always believe the principle of ‘give and take ‘.  We begin with the expectation of fulfilling the corporate objectives. Today we assess the performance not only in terms of profitability, solvency, turnover and leverage but also in terms of customer satisfaction, competitiveness, brand image, customer loyalty, and investor’s satisfaction. We are to satisfy everyone. Starting from subordinates or related employees we need to satisfy superiors, HR, investors and ultimately customers. Customer satisfaction comes only after the satisfaction of each and every stakeholder of an organization. This is a continuous and unconditional process.   We are to participate, formulate the strategies and operational plans and we are to convert the plan into action. Every employee has its own performance target. While trying to reach there no one can make a question or put a condition. We are using software’s and other modern technology in modern day organizations ultimately to reach the customers and convert the prospective customers into loyal ones.

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We are the focused, updated and target oriented slaves in modern corporate world. A slave’s destiny is to perform, in other words ‘to submit ‘ not to ask any question regarding any unrealistic vision of a Chairman or promoter of a powerful Director which has an adverse impact on setting right objectives or policies. So many times the employees need to fulfil unrealistic targets set by management. They are always rewarded in terms of promotion or higher compensation package or both by corporate giants, even by small and medium scaled organizations who are futuristic. But besides that, they are entrusted with much more responsibilities with revised higher job target. Again they cannot ask any question because what management decides that is always unconditional. So the destiny of an employee is always a slave’s destiny who is to submit only, not to fulfill his self-actualization needs.  We, the employees are always unrest and loyal despite of knowing the brutal fact that no organization is loyal to us. You just place your submission without any question and give the result which is the most valuable and precious asset to the HR but this asset is not looking tangible and carrying no value until and unless there is performance as expected.  We are not priceless but our loyalty is penniless. Ultimately we must be the followers for our survivals and loyal performers for our growth which is the reality. Most of us happy in fulfilling our self-esteemed needs.  No matter where Theory X, Theory Y or Theory Z. is this is a widely accepted theory of ‘modern day employees – as a modern slaves’ or better to say ‘Theory S ‘.

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