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Role of Organisational Effectiveness in Producing Organisation’s Leaders

Whenever we face the interviews, and are asked questions like “Where do you want to see yourself after five years?”, the general reply which most of the candidate give are “ I want to see myself in either the top management of the company or leadership position of the company or captain of the industry”. But in reality, how many of them become which they state during interview or before being selected for job? That’s not the issue. The issue is how to inject the sense of commitment, productivity and loyalty towards organisations into the blood of employees so that instead of being piece meal process, it becomes the way of life. Here comes the issue of Organisational Effectiveness which plays an important role in creating Quality People with strong sense of leadership. Organisational Effectiveness will become a mere theoretical concept if not being implemented properly. Now let’s discuss how this theory can be practical through effective implementation.

First of all, Management of the Organisation should play important role in initiating the process of Organisational Effectiveness. Without the help of Top Management, this cannot be done properly. According to the opinion of Kanji “Top Management Commitment is the fundamental driver of business excellence.” Also, the culture of continuous improvement and innovation should be created as the important part and parcel of services and each and every day new methods should be found out for improving the processes and services. And most important focus should be put on increasing the effectiveness of the level of Supplier Management, Process Management and Employee Engagement which in turn, help in creating Organisational Effectiveness. In this way, Quality Culture will be created which will contribute in improving the performance of the organisations as well as increasing the rate of generating the revenues and turnover per year. In the words of Branson “If you take care of the employees, they will take care of customers.” That means the service to the “internal customers” will help management in gearing up the organisations in delivering required service to the customers. So, the philosophy of “help us to help you better” should be created for increasing the level of Organisational Effectiveness.

Lastly, but not the least, Team Work should be considered as one of the criteria for creating Organisational Effectiveness, without the existence of which, the Organisations can never dream of leading industry. For creating the environment of effective. Team Work, primary focus should be put on Effective Communication so that every employee being parts of the organisations can support each other for achieving the goals of the Organisations. In the words of Silos” The team work will result in more committed and involved employees with the organisation”

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