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Role of HR in choosing team members for a project

Choosing team members for a project requires effective human resource management which is quite challenging. A very careful study is required in order to estimate the required manpower for completing the project. The first thing which should be done is conducting a careful analytical study on the project and breaking the task of the project into various components. Each of the components should be assigned to project team members on the basis of requirements. Guidance should also be provided with the project team members in accomplishing the task. Choosing the right people for a right project is the job of a Human Resource Manager.
The most important task and challenging task indeed to pick up the best people with high level of KSA factor (Knowledge, Skill and Ability). What is to be done in this regard? Organisational planning which helps identifying the role and responsibilities of project team members. Each member of a project team should know about their role and responsibilities without which the idea of accomplishing the team objective will be equivalent to the next to impossible. Who is going to report to whom- this should also be cleared. For that an organisational chart should be created. In this way an effective chain of command will be created and everyone in the project team member will be clarified about their roles and responsibilities.
Organisational planning and staff acquisition have been done. Now what to do next? Developing them and nurturing talents. What to do for that? Train them. Without creating the sense of team dynamics and developing the managerial skills, the objective of a project cannot be achieved. Increasing the level of efficiency should be done by HR manager and team building activities should also be encouraged. A sense of empowerment should also be created among team members. HR manager should play a vital role in guiding the team member of a project and get the best out of them.

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