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Artifact by Instagram Co-Founders: The News App that Delivers Only the Most Relevant News to You!

Artifact: Customized News App from Instagram Co-Founders Launches with More Features

With intriguing new features, Artifact, the much awaited news app from Instagram’s co-founders, has now gone on sale. With the provision of users with personalised content catered to their interests and tastes, the app is poised to revolutionise the way we consume news.

The features and advantages of Artifact, how it varies from other news applications, and how it can help you keep informed in a fast-paced world are all covered in this article.

News that is specifically tailored to your interests

The key selling point of Artifact is its capability to offer users news that is tailored to their interests. Users are asked to choose their favourite subjects when they sign up, including politics, sports, entertainment, and more. The algorithm of the app then chooses a feed of articles and stories that are specially suited to the user’s interests.

This method of reading the news is revolutionary for individuals who are sick of scrolling endlessly through irrelevant content. You’re only shown content on Artifact that you’re genuinely interested in reading.

AI-Driven Curation: Constantly Valuable

Artifact’s AI-driven curation is one of its most striking features. The algorithm of the app is created to learn from your activity and gradually provide you increasingly more pertinent material.

You can rate articles as you read them via the app, letting Them know if you liked the information or not. Your feed is further optimised by the app’s AI using this feedback, ensuring that you always see the most pertinent and fascinating stories.

Explore: Learn about new subjects

The Explore function of Artifact enables users to find new interests and subjects. The software makes recommendations for articles and stories based on hot issues in the news as well as other subjects that the user may find interesting.

For individuals who desire to broaden their knowledge and discover new interests, this tool is especially helpful. You’re never restricted to the themes you first choose when you signed up with Artifact. You can learn about fresh subjects and tales that you might not have otherwise encountered thanks to the app’s Explore function.

Premium Reading Materials: Ad-Free

Artifact provides a Premium Content subscription for people who are sick of advertisements interfering with their reading experience. Users can access ad-free reading and premium material from prestigious publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more for a nominal price.

It is simple to consume news on-the-go with this membership because it also grants access to Artifact’s audio versions of articles.


Overall, Artifact is revolutionising how people consume news. Anybody who wants to stay informed in a fast-paced world needs to have it because of its tailored approach, AI-driven curation, and Explore function.

You have control over the news you read with Artifact, and you can trust that you’ll only ever see the most fascinating and pertinent articles. Try it out right now to find out why it’s swiftly rising to the top of the list of news applications available.

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