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The objective and the outcome of demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000

The aftereffects of announcement of demonetization of notes of Rs 500/-and Rs 1000/- put the stakeholders of black money amounting to approximately Rs 5.5lakhs crore unaccountable amount besides circulation amount of Rs 14 lakhs 300 crore notes of Rs 1000/- and Rs 500.00 notes, put the vested interested people resorted to demonstration for cancellation of Government of India’s decision for demonstration of Rs 1000/- and Rs 500/- notes from 8th November, night.

Image Credit http://paceacademy.co.in/
Image Credit http://paceacademy.co.in/

In consequence the pelting of stones on the security forces has come to a halt besides the separatists stopped their Anti India crusade in absence of oxygen (black money)from across the border and the Mao infested areas find a period of tranquility in absence of supply of black money for waging war against India.
The owners of black money have never experienced such a strong stand taken.by Shri Narendra Damodar Modi, the strongest PM of India as far as wage on black money is considered.
So there would be opposition to his plan as he has fearlessly undertaken such steps which others would have thought two or three times before resorting to.

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The dharnas on streets, calling on President of India, outburst in Parliament against demonetization of notes Rs 1000/- and Rs 500/- are manifestation of outburst against Modiji who outwitted others on curbing black money.
Only a dedicated PM with 100 % patriotism could dare the steps which ModiJi had adopted on arresting unaccounted money

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