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No More Netagiri, Only Cricket Giri

Nicely worked out. Finally it has been cleared that BCCI cannot conduct its business in way it has been doing so far. Lodha Panel has put a full-stop in the whole process by providing with some proposals, which may mark the beginning of a new age in the history of the Indian cricket as well as International cricket since BCCI has been playing the role of Big Brother in the international cricket. The most important proposal has been given that there will be no more “Neta Giri” in the field of cricket. No government’s servants cannot be selected in the management body of BCCI. BCCI will be headed by a team of one Chief Executive Officer and six Managers. This proposal will help Indian cricket to get rid of the vices of politics which has been playing a major role in tarnishing the image of Indian cricket in the international platform. As BCCI is the big brother in the international cricket, no cricket playing country has shown guts to open their mouth against or pointing finger at BCCI. This is but natural when one person or an organisation has got power and influence over others, seldom people open mouth against it. But that does not mean that it is not right time to check our faults. If it is not done properly, the day is not far when not only the image of Indian Cricket, but also the image of ICC will be maligned in front of the whole world. Moreover, it cannot be justified to select “Netas” or “Sarkari Mulazims” for the management body of BCCI as they possess lesser knowledge compared to the other cricket personalities. The cricket personalities should be given preference when it comes to selecting BCCI personnel. This will actualise the idea of “Right Man for the Right Job” in the context of Indian cricket. This will facilitates the decision making process in the management and a lot of youth players may get chance to play for Indian cricket team who have potentiality and they will not be deprived from being the member of Indian National Cricket Team.Another important thing which has been proposed that the separate governing body should be created for IPL. This is also a good step towards the path of improving the infrastructure of Indian cricket. IPL has already put black ink on the face of India by encouraging betting scandal and spot fixing. Only the time will say whether it will help Indian cricket to get back to its glorious days or not. But it can be expected that betting and spot fixing can be prevented from being happened to a certain extent once these proposals of Lodha commissions is implemented. An ethics officer will be appointed as per the proposal which may help BCCI to make sure that BCCI management body is following the ethics properly in conducting its daily activities.
But these proposals of Lodha Commission, if not implemented , will not carry any values. India has the tradition of not implementing law in proper manner which has been giving rise to many problems in the existing system of the establishment. First this should be made sure that BCCI is in the state of aligning itself to a certain set of ethics and principles. If it is not working properly, then existing system should be replaced with new one. A billion people, despite witnessing a lot of scandals, still have not lost their faiths in cricket. If their sentiment is not respected properly, then the day is not far when cricket which one was considered as gentlemen’s game, will be registering its name in the list of obsolete stuffs and we will end up reading about cricket in the history book only after a couple of century. Moreover, India is the leader in the international cricket. As quoted by Ben Parker in the Spiderman movie, with great power comes great responsibility. It is applied for Indian cricket too. As the leading figure of cricket world, it has got the responsibility to make sure that cricket does not disappear from the pages of history book and be disrespected by a lot of people, as the game of spot fixing and betting scandal. There must be a lot of despair, but at the end of the day it is the hope that prevails.

Soham Roy
Editorial Board Member of Cross Functional Business Journal and Academic Project Consultant and Trainer
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