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New trend of recruitment in India

Recruitment industry is becoming the growing industry in India as most of the companies or MNCs prefer to focus on the strategic function and reduce the administrative costs of the company. That’s the reason they contact with consultancies so that the end to end recruitment function is handled by them. The job of the consultancies is to take care of the end to end recruitment process and hire the right candidate for the right job.
If the candidates get selected, they get revenues from the clients. Now the question is how the consultancies do get the data and from where? They get the data from the various types of job portals such as timesjobs, naukri, dice etc and the heads of the consultancies buy the data at the cost of money. Then the data is shared among the recruiters who are instructed to contact with the candidates and line them up accordingly. Business Development executives contact with the client companies for taking up the responsibility of recruitment function.
Once this job is done, and contracts are signed with the client companies, the recruitment process starts with the help of data. Candidate’s background checking, communication skill checking are done by the recruiters. Once these jobs are done by the recruiters, and the recruiter is fully satisfied with the candidate’s eligibility for the job, they share feedback with the heads of the consultancy and he/she short list some of the CVs or Resumes and send them to the HR heads of the client companies. The candidates are called for the initial round of interview in consultancies. Once, this is done and candidates are being successful in cracking the interview, they are sent to the clients’ companies.
Candidates get guidance from the recruiter regarding cracking interview. If they get selected there, chances of getting revenue from the client companies are higher. After the selection, the job of the recruitment consultants does not end. After the selection process is over, the feedback of HR heads and candidates are shared with recruiters. The candidates will have to be retained at the workplace for a certain period of months and for making this happen, recruiters build rapport with the candidates during their stay at the job place.

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