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New Trend-Employees First , Customers Second

The goal of any of the businesses can be  categorized into two- In the initial phase , the goal of the business is to survive in the market and in the next stage its goal is to thrive in the market by maintaining maximum percentages of market share. The success of any of the businesses depends on the satisfaction of the clients/customers. If the customers are not happy , then organisations will not be able to maintain its market share. This is traditional point of view. Lets see how the new trend of the businesses has replaced the old age thought.

In order to elaborate on this topic , we need to understand what the management is. Apparently, it is being seen as the getting the work done by any means. But how and in which manner? Different peoples hold different opinion. In the opinion of Agha Hasan Abedi, the Pakistani banker and the founder of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, ” The traditional management is getting the work done through people. But the real management is developing people through work.” In the words of Harold Koontz , “It is the art of getting things done through people and with informally organised groups.”  People refers to the employees of the organisations who give lots of efforts in making businesses successful. So it is quite natural that we should take care of the employees as they are the most valuable asset of the organisations. Now the question is how we can be able to manage and take care of the employees in the organisations.

1) Development :-Encourage the development process which includes those activities which will improve the performance of the employees in the job field and will help them to progress towards the maturation and actualization of their potentiality inside them . Organisations responsibility is to make employees better human being rather than “all works and no play makes jack a dull boy ” type professionals. In India, the relationship between organization development interventions and long term profitability is getting established in progressive organisations, like Tata , ITC, Wipro etc.

2)Say No to Office Policing :- In most of the western countries , new trend has been seen in the form of getting rid of the rigid and formal corporate and organisation culture, such as calling people in the authority by Sir or Madam. It should be implemented in most of the organisations. I am gonna give you example of JC Penney Corporation, Inc. the US based retail chain store giant. By the 1990s JC penny had to face challenges of increased competition and inventory and operational problems. When Myron E. “Mike” Ullman had joined ans the CEO of the J.C. Penney, he realized the needs of relaxing dress codes and disbanding of the so – called Office Polices in the organisations and setting up democratic climate.So, he launched a new campaign “Just Call Me Mike” and as a result the organisation’s culture had changed radically and employee’s productivity had increased and as a result, sales of the company had increased within 5 years in an increasing rate.

3)Treat Them with Respect-  Never humiliate employees . Let them express their views in the conference room so that they can grow themselves and it will ultimately boost their confidence.  If they are being humiliated in public and  they are being thrown tantrums for their poor performance , their level of motivation will come down and it will affect the production system of the organisations. In this context, I would like to mention, Steve Jobs was said to have the habit of publicly humiliating subordinates .

4) Make It Home :- Make the employees feel that their organisation is like their home. If it is being done in a proper manner, they will be able to work in the organisations the whole day. This is approximate calculation. I meant to say that they will give their best in order to improve the organisations productivity. We find that in Microsoft, the employees have never become home sick while working and they never become eager to go back to home for spending times with their family members. Rather they like to spend much time in the workplace. All kinds of facilities like Gym etc are being provided to them and late parties are being arranged . All these things together increases the motivational levels of the employees of the Microsoft.

5)Grievance Handling :- Grievance of the employees should be handled properly,otherwise it might lead to the lower absenteeism and it will be difficult to control the labor turnover in the organisation. There are lots of reasons for grievances ; it may be in the form of economic or environmental with special reference to the working environment. Grievance Interview should be conducted too.

6) Pluralistic Perspective :-

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Soham Roy
Editorial Board Member of Cross Functional Business Journal and Academic Project Consultant and Trainer
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