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Where To Take Admission For MBA And Engineering During This Pandemic And Why?

There is anticipated to be a gap in employment availability on the market during this rebuilding period of the economy, as businesses reorganize and align themselves to the new global order. Even if one can obtain work, the pay given during these difficult circumstances may fall short of expectations. As a result, students should study throughout the coronavirus epidemic and work thereafter to upskill themselves so that they may enjoy professional advantages afterward.

Because the real estate sector is expected to rebound quickly, young civil engineers and architects should consider pursuing postgraduate courses such as an MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying, Construction Project Management, or Facilities Management from institutions with international accreditation in these fields. This would assist such pupils in being prepared to participate in the newly developing growth. When the economy recovers, there will be a greater need for highly trained professionals, and a bachelor’s degree alone may not be enough to obtain a well-paying position with room for advancement.

All of India’s states and union territories have declared the COVID-19 outbreak an epidemic. Lockdown was enforced to fight COVID-19, which has had a negative impact on the country’s education system. It has shifted conventional education to an educational technologies (EdTechs) paradigm, in which teaching and evaluations are done online.

There are four types of obstacles that instructors encounter while educating and assessing students online. Lack of basic amenities, external distraction, and family disruption while teaching and performing evaluations were significant problems identified in home environment settings. Institutional support obstacles were also identified, including a lack of funding for sophisticated technology purchases, a lack of training, a lack of technical assistance, and a lack of clarity and direction. Teachers had to deal with technological issues as well. The issues were categorized as a lack of technical assistance, which included a lack of technological infrastructure, a lack of knowledge of online teaching platforms, and security concerns. Teachers’ issues, such as a lack of technical expertise, a negative attitude, course integration with technology, and a lack of enthusiasm, have been recognized as the fourth group that is preventing them from participating in online teaching and evaluations. The significance of sharing information across borders, businesses, and all aspects of society has been highlighted by this epidemic. If online learning technology has a role to play here, it is incumbent on all of us to fully use it.

The COVID-19 epidemic has permanently altered schooling. The COVID-19 has caused schools all around the globe to close. Over 1.2 billion youngsters are out of school worldwide. As a consequence, education in India has altered significantly, with the development of e-learning, in which instruction is done remotely and via digital platforms. According to research, online learning increases knowledge retention and takes less time, indicating that the alterations produced by the coronavirus are here to stay. Especially during this epidemic in India, online education allows instructors to reach out to students more quickly and effectively via chat groups, video meetings, voting, and document sharing. Over time, it has been noticed that the smart incorporation of games has resulted in greater engagement and motivation for learning, particularly among younger pupils, causing them to fall in love with learning.

FCEM is a leading engineering college in Faridabad, Delhi NCR, dedicated to producing well-trained professionals capable of adapting to the rapidly changing technological environment of the twenty-first century. During the covid19 era, the university provides Automobile Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science Engineering. They offer post-graduate courses such as mechanical engineering and computer science engineering. M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) Stands for Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. Typically, an M.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) is a two-year course, the minimum eligibility for which is a B.tech (Mechanical Engineering) or any equivalent engineering degree. The M. Tech. program in Computer Science and Engineering (code: MCS) is a Master’s program offered to students who are interested in advanced learning and research in any area of computer science.

Undergraduate courses offered in FCEM are mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science and engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and electrical engineering. Polytechnic courses include; mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science engineering, and automobile engineering. BBA is the only management course offered during this pandemic period. The BBA program is intended to give the student broad-based solid training in accounting and business management.

Students should choose this college because FCEM Management& Research was founded with the Founder Chairman Mr. S. P. Lall’s unique philanthropic vision of establishing a world-class educational institution to offer Qualitative Professional Education at a common man’s affordability level on sustainable growth basis.

FCEM is a rising star in the field of education in the Delhi-NCR region. People—faculty, students, and staff—are the most important factor in the quality of a crucial educational institution in a world where knowledge and skill are valued so highly. FCEM is located in Faridabad, Haryana. FCEM was established to promote academic and professional excellence, nurture and sustaining a conducive environment for molding budding talents into Tomorrow’s Technology and Management Leaders, and instilling professional ethics, cultural values, sensitivity, and a sense of service to society. FCEM is accredited by the AICTE, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Government of India, and the Haryana Department of Technical Education, and is associated with Maharishi Dayanand University in Rohtak, which has received ‘A’ grade from NAAC. At FCEM, the emphasis is firmly on cultivating a strong Core Teachers foundation by inducting well-qualified and bright faculty with a missionary passion for teaching and a commitment to the purpose of molding careers. Classroom teaching that is guided and evaluated, interactive tutorial sessions, hands-on laboratory experience, and interactions with successful entrepreneurs and visiting professors are all intended to aid students in building self-confidence, clarity of thinking, and overall personality.

It is a one-of-a-kind educational institution with campus-wide computer networking, Wi-Fi-equipped buildings, pollution-free surroundings, and power backup. The FCEM culture is one of openness, mutual trust, and faith, to impart instruction via the brain, heart, hands, and soul while maintaining a transparent system and an outstanding academic atmosphere. Sports, leisure activities, dramatics, debates, and many other activities provide abundant chances to improve physical and mental skills. FCEM has a long history of inviting celebrities and experts in various fields to give guest lectures on the industry’s most pressing problems. FCEM’s educational concept is to develop human potential to the greatest degree possible so that academically capable and ingeniously gifted leaders may emerge. FCEM’s main goal is to provide technical training to students so that they may become more employable in the workplace by getting a variety of hands-on experiences. We are the NODAL CENTER OF TRAINING AND PLACEMENT that has been contacted. ERDC (Embedded Research and Development Centre), Mechatronics Centre, Cyber Forensic Lab, Language Lab, Soft Skills Centre, Psychometrics Level of Education, Robotics Lab, CAD/CAM Centre, Discover Yourself Lab, Festin “O” Beat (For cultural affairs), Software Solutions Services Lab, Mind and Soul Centre, Summer Training Club, and Proposed Radio Sta. Various faculties are being developed to assist students in building self-confidence, mental clarity, and overall personality. Students that join FCEM will be trained to be achievers.

For admission and more retails call Mukesh Bharadwaj , Admission Director , Faridabad College of Engineering and DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT FARIDABAD , Mobile Number 9953552161.

Mukesh Bhardwaj
Admission Director , Faridabad College of Engineering and DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT FARIDABAD , Mobile Number 9953552161.
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