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Top 5 Leadership BOOKS to read in 2022

Your time is precious, because it is limited, because the time you spent will not come back and because what you learn in your time can be very different from what others learn in their time. Reading books is a arguably the most undisputed noble hobbies of all time, however we all know that reading books takes your precious time, so whatever you read should be a thoughtful selection. I know many people picks up a book and start reading but seldom finishes it, that’s because their interest level drops in between, they never thought whether the subject of the book really fulfils their interests. So books should not be read just because you love reading, you will end up reading all sort of things without any purpose. You should read books with a purpose, you must have your genre, that way each book you pick up will make you knowledgeable and fulfilled at the same time. We are living in an age of self-publishing books, which makes it more difficult for you to navigate through over millions of books published each year and pick the right one for you.  If your genre is leadership, then you would definitely want to read these 5 books that came out in the last few years. I highly recommend you to read these and I can promise you that you will stop and start thinking again.

5.  Managing the Millennials – By Chip Espinoza, Craig Rusch, and Mick Ukleja

This a must read book for all current generation of managers and leaders since they are having to manage the current generation of workforce which is radically different from any other generations. Normally whenever we think and hear about the millennials we have some predominant negative feelings about them as this generation is associated with many things, like technology addictions, impatience, being myopic, entitled, being abrasive etc however the authors present you some exclusive research works which helps and guide you to understand them, their strength, fears and weakness. This book should act like a go to guide for all leaders who faces challenges managing a workforce of millennials.

4.  Measure what matters – By John Doerr

As your organizations grow in size, it becomes very difficult to clarify and communicate the objectives and strategic goals within the organization, this slows down an organization. As bureaucracy grows, it become increasingly difficult for teams and individuals to understand the priority work for them to move the organization forward. So this book talks about managing organizational goals in a much more effective way through “Objectives and Key Results” called as OKR in this book, This system has been used in Google, Intel, The gates foundation etc and it helps large organizations to feel much more nimble like start-ups enabling them to change directions quickly to adapt to disruptions, and manage existential threats. So if you are a growing business or a large sized organization, then this one a must read for all your leaders.

3.  The Infinite Game – By Simon Sinek

Author Simon Sinek goes back to the school and deep dives into the cause of doing business. Sinek draws inspiration from a book called Finite and Infinite Games. The author of Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse, explains how finite-minded leaders play to win, whereas infinite-minded leaders play to keep playing, ultimately for the good of the game. Building from this, Sinek evaluates finite and infinite leadership within different institutions, and he illustrates how remarkably different the results of each mindset can be. There are three crucial aspects of the infinite Game. These are, to advance a purpose, to protect people, and finally to generate a profit. Sinek argues that the responsibility of business is to use its will and resources, to advance a cause greater than itself, protect it’s people and places in which it operates, and generate more resources, so that it can continue doing all these things for as long as possible. I highly recommend this book to managers and leaders who are always stuck in this quarter-to-quarter revenue mindset, hopefully it will light a bulb in your head which will be long lasting like an infinite game.

2.  The Culture Code – By Daniel Coyle

Yet another exciting and eye-opening books on this list for modern leaders. Daniel Coyle presents you his research work done in some of the world’s most successful organizations—including Pixar, the San Antonio Spurs, and U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six—and reveals what makes them tick. Organizations and leaders who outsource culture building activities to HR department so they can focus on, what they believe is more important and masculine work that is growing business and revenue, must take some time out and read this book. We all know the importance of culture and we keep hearing about it however the author takes you through real world examples which will compel leaders to give more time to culture building personally and not just outsource this to HRs.

1. Leaders Eat Last – By Simon Sinek

Finally, number one on my list is Leaders eat last by Simon Sinek. If you are a manager or a leader of any generation, this will be a must have in your bookshelf. Although Simon’s first book “ Start with Why” was indeed a breakthrough concept for business and instantly made him famous and most talked about TED TALK speaker and author, however I personally found this book of his more mature and well written. Leadership isn’t just about managing numbers. It’s about helping people to thrive and find meaning in their work. When leaders take care of their people, the numbers will take care of themselves. A company’s biggest strength doesn’t lie in its products/services. It always lies in its people—in their ability to cooperate closely and rally behind the organization, especially during a crisis. Simon describes the concept of Circle of Safety within an organization which provides people with a sense of belonging and security. There is a bonus section in this book at the end which will give you additional insights about managing the current generation of workforce, the millennials. All in all, a fascinating book which will be worth your time. If you think, you have read a book which must feature

Biswadeep Banerjee
Working as a Sr. Manager Networks & Communication for a leading European IT Organization. Thinker, researcher and a Rebel at heart.
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