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Job seekers; and why do they seek job?

Job seekers; as the name suggests, it refers to those people who seek job after completing their degree courses. And why do they seek job? So that they do not have to depend on the incomes of their parents and they can stand on their feet with dignity and honor. These job seekers become the target for the job market which means companies if they do possess required skills to perform the job in an efficient manner. But the question is that do all the people who complete their graduation or degree courses, can get job? No. Thousands of people wait outside the doors of the companies eagerly waiting to get placements. Most of the companies prefer those candidates who have completed MBA or M. Tech or M.E. or MCA from reputed institutes and of course in regular mode, such as IIM or IIT because students are provided with practical orientation since their joining in the college. Most of the jobseekers are recruited through campus hiring method.
What the job seekers seek? They seek fatter pay checks, better opportunities, smart and lavish lifestyle, highly appreciated job designation, better compensations, better education for their future kids, better exposure to the corporate world etc. If they do not get all these things, it is inevitable that job seekers will seek job elsewhere which means other cities where they will get all the things which are desired by them, which take their fantasies. That’s why every state in India who are still lagging behind in terms of providing employments to job seekers, needs to put focus in re-positioning their job markets. And also it is required to ensure that top-notch professionals from sectors like telecom, engineering, FMCG etc. get salary hike based on their job experiences and exposures. Otherwise, retaining them will be next to difficult job for states. Opportunities for investment should also be created so that a lot of opportunities for employment can be created. Every college should give serious thought in providing placements after the completion of degree courses.
If these things are not taken care of properly, the day would not be far when rate of unemployment would be higher and higher and there would not any be possibilities of being gone down. The first thing every state government must do is to bring about little changes in the regional boards’ syllabuses and make them professionals to some extent. Some job oriented subjects should be included into syllabuses too and vocational education should be encouraged. If the degrees are not employable, they will not carry any value. Not only the states and the schools, but also the parents should be aware of that fact. If they are not, the level of frustration will be up among the students who despite having good qualities and good marks in examinations, do not get job or job satisfaction.

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