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Should I invest in Gold or in shares?

Should I invest in gold or do I invest just in shares? Age old confusion, let’s lift the curtain from this question. The solution to this confusion is bases on the market strategy you use. Every investor thinks differently and the answers vary based on the strategy and needs of the investor. Global dynamics are not required for this planning and no fundamental is needed to be looked at.
So what do you look at and take calculation on while deciding on what is the best mode of investment. The calculation is basic, run with the flow.
When you are confused between shares vs gold look at the market trend, in India the gold value raises during festival season June to January. Not a smart choice to invest in something that’s costly but like I said every investor thinks differently, some are religious about their invest and I respect that. However, even when you buy gold it’s important to average your cost. Don’t buy it all that once split it into different days so you end up getting good rates. So remember, buy small but invest big.
The fundamental is simple, when the market rise the gold prices fall and when gold prices rise the market falls. Timing is everything, never put all your eggs in one basket, hold different investments hold shares and hold gold. Purchase in small amounts.
The eternal comparison is always on shares vs gold. Fact is shares have historically given more returns than gold. However, gold is liquid cash in solid form. So both investments are good and both must be invested in.
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