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These are the qualities some one need to have to be a start-up entrepreneur.

A fisherman one day returned from sea with almost empty bucket. Few fishes were in that which made him annoyed. The number of fishes was not good enough even to recover his cost. He was almost planning to sell his boat at a moderate price. But no one was showing interest. He was frustrated but did not give up his hope. He assembled some of his savings and prepared a food stall beside sea beach where people used to gather. He found that there were stalls of getting fried fish but no such stall was to prepare a complete recipe of sea foods. Within a few days he started spending his free time for learning sea food preparation.
He appointed a chef for that purpose and later convinced him to work as a part timer cook for his stall. At first the cook used to come at noon to prepare foods. The fisherman used to catch fishes in the early morning. . In the evening he opened the counter and delivered those to the customers. At first the number of customers are few and the number of sea fish items was 6.
A few days later he appointed some local young boys who worked under commission basis to search the customers by approaching them on the sea side to buy. They were asked to approach those customers also who had booked hotels. The cost of the foods was moderate because there was no middleman for purchasing fishes. Within three to four months number of customers had been improved a little bit.
Then he started campaigning in cities in front of offices and shops about his products by advertising through supplying menu cards where he added 30 different sea food item his mobile number and place of the stalls. He asked to join that chef under profit sharing basis because he knew that he was a good chef. Within next 6 months the number of customers have grown up rapidly. Not only the visitors but also local people were coming. He also opened take away counter to deliver the foods to customers and visitors after getting order.
After 1year he had to purchase two delivery vans who used to go the nearest metropolitan city with variety of cooked items which are sold by the local boys. He still goes to the sea every day to catch fish and still remains as a fisherman but also emerges as a good entrepreneur.
The lesson from this story is a startup entrepreneur should have good observation, innovativeness, patience, mental courage to take calculated risk, capacity to plan, flexibility in though if one plan does not run successfully and futuristic attitude. Above all he should not give up his hope.

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