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The Monk who became a successful Entrepreneur

I am going to tell you an interesting story of how a monk can become an entrepreneur. You might be thinking how it can be possible. But my friends, nothing is impossible in this world if you have the will power.
The guy I am going to talk about is- Manoj Bhargava. He was born and brought up in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh. He moved to USA at the age of 14 for quenching his thirst for being established leaving his homeland behind. He had no tuition money, all he got is the great knack for mathematics which has helped him to receive a full scholarship to one of the best schools in Pennsylvania, The Hill School and courage to do something in life. He also studied in Princeton University for one year. Unable to cope up with the culture and find amusement in the mathematics classes in the University, he came back to India and joined his father’s plastic company.
While working in his father’s company, he discovered a deep inclination towards religion and life stories of Hindu saints who had dedicated their life for spiritual quest. In 1974 he moved to India and got himself associated with a monastery Hanslok Ashram. From there on, he spent 12 years, almost his entire twenties, travelling to numerous monasteries. He had become monk.
Later on, he returned to the America for his father urged to help him with his plastics business. Despite having no interest in his father’s business, Bhargava took his father’s business’ turnout from almost zero sales to a $25 million turnover in less than a decade. In the year 2004, Manoj Bhargava started a company Living Essentials. He came up with the idea of manufacturing an energy drink. His product name is 5-Hour Energy. He knew he was one of the small fishes in the sea which is full of killer sharks like Red Bull and Coke. They were dominating the energy drink industry. With his efforts and dedication, he made his product 5-Hour-Energy one of the best natural energy drinks in the United States of America.
In the year 2015, the 5-Hour Energy brand had more than $1 billion in sales. Later on, he diversified his business by making several companies like Senterra Water, ETC Capital, Oakland energy and water ventures, Stage 2 innovations, MicroDose Life Sciences etc. In the year, 2015 a documentary film “Billions in Change” was made which portrays his company’s quest to produce clean water and remove food shortages. He also founded Billions in Change Movement which champions the idea of building better future by creating and implementing solutions to the water, energy and health problems around the world. He was philanthropist too who pledged most of his wealth to charity. He is considered as one of the richest NRI businessmen in USA.
Moral of the story: Nothing is impossible if you have got the combination of talent and will power.

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