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An observation with some positive thoughts can convert it into an entrepreneurship.

One day a person is walking through a garden . He was enjoying the fragrance of flowers. More than half of the garden is full of rose garden. It was almost 6 o ‘ clock in the morning. He was a senior accounts assistant in a private company. After completing graduation , he had joined there when he was 23. Since then 7 years almost have been passed. He was completely unhappy with his salary. It was difficult for him to get married and to lead a good life. Always he was upset for that. He is still habituated with the morning walk. Today also he came here to walk.
Suddenly he saw some senior citizens who were gathering and wishing a person with a stick of semi-refreshed roses. He went there and asked one of them that where from they had got the flower. The man replied that they bought it on the last night from the nearest market. He then went to the gardener and asked him whether he would be able to provide roses and other flowers within 24 hours of their highest freshness. The gardener was hesitating at first. But he was convinced by this statement that he would also gain something from those semi-refreshed flowers which he was almost putting in the dustbin within 24 to 48 hours.
From the very nest day, the morning walker started those flowers from the gardener and started selling the flower bouquet inside and later also outside the garden. Later he added rose water to his product to draw the attention of lady morning walkers. Within two months his small business started growing a little bit. The price was low since neither there was any transportation cost nor any cost of the middleman. Most of the senior citizens used to take flowers to wish someone either on his or her birthday or even on the marriage ceremony. He got the loyal customers .
He appointed two local boys on the commission basis who picked up flowers from nearest gardens at a moderate cost. Later he had given them the responsibility to sell his products not only to the morning walkers but also to other customers . Sometimes they were posted in front of a marriage ceremony hall or sometimes in front of temples. Within 1 year since then , he had diversified his product from the range of flower to natural flower flavored soft drinks and cakes. He had taken a land on lease and started manufacturing of all these things. He had left his job. Even his former boss and also the owners of that company became his clients.

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